Music Matters at CU

The Cumberland University Music Program offers music education to all students wishing to take private lessons, music courses, or to participate in one or more of our instrumental and choral ensembles. Students can choose to earn Associate or Baccalaureate degrees in General Music, Music Performance, or Music Education. 

Course offerings include studies in Music Theory, Sight-Singing, Ear-training, Dictation, Music History, Jazz, Rock, Pop,  Music Theater, Classical Literature, Improvisation, Arranging, Marching Band Management and more. Our small class size and excellent student-to-faculty ratio enable us to tailor our course offerings to your needs or interests. 

Music Alumni from CU have gone on to lead successful careers in music and many other disciplines. Students not majoring in music have equal access to most courses and ensemble scholarships. We are actively recruiting music students at Cumberland University and would love to share all CU has to offer.

A degree to move you forward

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What our graduates say

“My experience at CU was fantastic. As a music major, I learned the skills I needed to advance my career as a musician. I now play guitar professionally in a band, do studio work and have released an instrumental album.”

-Josh Parker, Class of 2012

Music at CU

Associate of Arts in Music (AA)

Bachelor of Music (Instrumental or Vocal) (B.Mu.)

Bachelor of Music Instrumental Emphasis (B.Mu.)

Bachelor of Music Vocal Emphasis (B.Mu.)

Bachelor of Music Performance Instrumental Emphasis (B.Mu.)

Bachelor of Music Performance Vocal Emphasis (B.Mu.)

Minor in Music

Performance Scholarships

Performance scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the ensemble director or program director based on academic performance, performance success, and future potential. Fine Arts Scholarships support several areas of fine arts. Areas include band, chorus, art, and theatre.


Auditions are scheduled on specific dates and consist of a prepared selection, sight-reading, and scale or rudiment performance. Admission to the music program at CU is contingent upon audition results