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Phoenix Marching Band

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The Cumberland University Phoenix Marching Band is a contemporary style college marching band open to all CU students. If you're a transfer student, current CU student, or incoming freshman, and have a strong desire to be part of an energized college marching band we invite you to audition.

We use standard woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, and have a front ensemble and color guard.

The Phoenix Marching Band performs at various sporting events on campus including Football, Home Basketball (men and women’s) and Volleyball (men and women’s) games. 





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About the Band

The Cumberland University Phoenix Marching Band performs as part of the Game Day experience for designated athletic events. The band is also an integral part of promoting the spirit of the university. Since re-establishment in 2018, members have passionately dedicated their time and talent to make this new season a huge success. Band members become part of a family community that offers friendship and valuable support throughout their time at CU.


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The Cumberland University Phoenix Marching Band Club is dedicated to the ongoing improvement and strengthening of the Phoenix Marching Band. It’s members are passionate friends, alumni, and advocates of the University who recognize the value the Marching Band experience brings to Cumberland University. Your gift to the Band club is essential to the program’s success. It’s time to rise and establish the Cumberland University Phoenix Marching Band.   




All new students to Cumberland University interested in becoming a member of the drumline need to fill out the prospect form.

The Cumberland University Drumline plays an important part in the Phoenix Marching Band. The drumline is comprised of four sections. Depending on the number of students auditioning, the CU drumline typically carries 5-6 snares; 2-4 tenors; 5-6 bass drums and 2-4 cymbals, and also features a front ensemble.

Drumline prospects are responsible for following the same audition protocol listed below. You may audition on as many instruments as you would like.

For more information about drumline auditions, or to schedule a different audition date please contact Adron Ray at


Color Guard

The Cumberland University Color Guard plays an important role in the visual presentation of the Phoenix Marching Band. At least one year of color guard experience is valuable for membership in the color guard. To become a member, students will need to attend one of two Color Guard Auditions.

For more information about color guard, or to schedule a different audition date please contact Adron Ray or Jadea Sanford

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Auditions Schedule dates and outline process – Official Marching Band audition date April 14th, 2021 at 10:00am. 

Auditions can also be scheduled by appointment if you cannot make the official date. Please email or to schedule an audition.

Audition process and requirements

  • 1 Prepared piece of your choosing (can be mid-state or all-state audition pieces)
  • Please have all 12 major scales ready for audition
  • 2 Sight-reading examples of varying difficulty will be provided

Color Guard Auditions dates - April 1st and May 28th, 2019. 

Audition process and requirements

  • Arrive wearing appropriate workout attire that allows you to spin, maneuver and march.
  • Demonstrate flag fundamentals such as drop spins, double time spins, single tosses, double time toss, 45 toss and a horizontal toss. If you need clarification on any of these fundamentals contact Jadea Sanford.
  • A one to two minute flag routine using “family friendly” music that demonstrates one’s dance and flag abilities. Routines are judged on technique, body control, overall performance and showmanship.
  • Candidates interested in demonstrating rifle or sabre skills should prepare similarly to the flag preparations on the weapons. Everyone must audition on flag. Rifle and sabre auditions are voluntary.
  • Candidates are asked to bring their own equipment however, if you have a need, contact us and we can make arrangements for you to use ours while you are here.


Adron Wayne Ray III M.M.E. , Director of Athletic Bands


Shelby Shelton, Assistant Band Director

Jadea Sanford, Graduate Assistant