Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM)

Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM)

Master of Science in Nursing: Nurse Executive Leadership and Administration


This program focuses on theories, research, and evidence-based practices for nurse executive leadership and administration. The graduate student examines the knowledge and skills nurse executives need to manage healthcare quality and safety. Emphasis on management of finance and operations of healthcare organizations, leading health innovations, and strategies to respond to healthcare challenges and trends.

Master of Science in Nursing: Nurse Educator


The online MSN Nurse Educator emphasis is designed to prepare nurses for educational roles in academia, healthcare organizations, and healthcare systems. The Nurse Educator emphasis provides an in-depth review of learning theories, research, and best practices in nursing education. The graduate student analyzes teaching strategies for diverse populations and environments, and incorporates theory to practice. The program prepares the graduate student to develop program curriculum, deliver content, and perform assessments of program outcomes.

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