Master of Public Service Management


The Master of Public Service Management (MSP) degree is offered as a part of Cumberland University’s institutional outreach to provide opportunities for advanced study in fields appropriate to the needs of the community. The program seeks to provide individuals who have attained the baccalaureate degree, in any field, with an opportunity to acquire advanced expertise while continuing to work full-time during the period of enrollment. The program of study was instituted in 1996 with the first graduates receiving the Master of Public Service Management degree at the May, 1998, graduation. Enrollment in the M.S.P. degree program is limited. Students who enter the two-year program will attend classes for 5 consecutive semesters, usually sequenced fall-spring-summer-fall-spring. Primarily, students are admitted for the incoming class during the fall semester, but other admitted students may become part of the program on a space available basis in other terms.

Master of Sport and Exercise Science


The mission of the Cumberland University Master of Arts with a major in Sport Management program is to prepare students for advanced careers in the sport industry. Graduates in our program will represent an advanced level of skills in Sport Management education as required by key graduate level content areas of the Common Professional Component (CPC) prescribed by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), a commission of the North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM), as it relates to content for the Master’s level NASSM Standards.

Master of Education: Non-Licensure


The Instructional Leadership (Non-Licensure) concentration is designed around a curriculum that is focused on the preparation of instructional coaches and teacher leadership positions. The concentration of coursework will utilize best practices for math and language literacy interventions to help current teachers bring evidence-based practices into the 21st century classroom. In addition, an emphasis will be placed on understanding student and teacher assessment data as it relates to planning interventions for student improvement. Courses focus on the power of reflective practice, building leadership skills, problem-based coaching models, and strategies to build a strong professional learning community. The program is also open to any licensed teacher interested in further professional development in a skill set required for professional advancement. All candidate applicants must hold a current Teacher’s License.

Master of Education: Emphasis in Reading Specialist

Master of Education: Emphasis in Physical Education and Sports (Online)

Master of Education: Emphasis in Instructional Leadership

Master of Arts in Teaching: Emphasis in English Language Learners

Master of Arts in Teaching: Emphasis in Special Education

Master of Arts in Teaching: Emphasis in Secondary Education

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