A Day to Celebrate Academic Excellence

Fifth Annual Research Colloquium November 14, 2018


We gather as a campus community to explore opportunities to enrich our understanding of a variety of topics both research- and interest-based through student and faculty presentations as well as research from the broader community.   

We invite you to join our celebration of scholarship and efforts to publicly acknowledge the academic excellence of faculty, students and community members.

Schedule of Events

7:45am–8:00 a.m.     Dallas Floyd Memorial Gym / Opening Session

Welcome: Dr. Paul C. Stumb, President

Introductory Remarks:  Dr. Sheridan Henson

All students and presenters should plan to attend.  

8:00–9:00 a.m. Dallas Floyd Memorial Gym / Poster Presentations

Session I: 9:10am – 10:10am

Session II:   10:25am – 11:25am

Session III: 11:40am – 12:40pm

Lunch (on your own):   12:45pm – 2:00 pm

Classes resume at 2:00pm.

Poster Presentations 8:00–9:00 a.m.

Dallas Floyd Memorial Gym

*Please refrain from using cell phones and other electronic devices during the presentations.



Postpartum Depression in Women: Is Prenatal Education more Effective in Treatment?

Presenters: Morgan Carter, April Camp, Michelle Woods, Brooke Summerline, and Peyton McMahon


Bedside or Nurses Station Report: Is there a Difference?

Presenters: Sarah Jones, Melody Carroll, Dustin Tirey, Kelsey Smiley, and Anna Norwood


Pining For the Smell of Christmas

Presenters: Cody Byers and Andrea Woywitka


Is There a Difference in Complications in Hospitalized Males Undergoing Indwelling or Condom Catheterization?

Presenters: Taylor Cox, Joshua Hagood, Melissa McCollum, Jennifer Turner and Brionna Wilson


Suicide Rates and Hospitalization: Is There a Difference in Recovery?

Presenters: Kara Hackett, Katie Eldridge, Chelsea Garland, Brianna Owen, and Mercedes McCollum


Does CBD Oil Benefit Chronic Pain?

Presenter: Ashley Barnett, Dilfuza Khamidova, Lynnita Moffett, Schyler Moore, and Kaylei Smith


Does Caffeine Intake During Pregnancy Effect the Newborn?

Presenters: Shelby Dennis, Devin Garner, Kelsey Wright, Heather Whitlow, and Christina Shacklock


Is a High Fat Low Carbohydrate Diet More Effective For Glucose Management In Adults with Type II Diabetes?

Lydia Kiser, Anthony Ellison, Lydia Kiser, Brittany Rasmussen, Hope Thomas, and Lauren Whitaker


Can Acupuncture help Provide Additional Pain Relief in Females with Endometrosis?

Presenters: Anna Epstein, Abby Walker, Celina Sydlo, Kalley Bernhardt, and Lacy Stacy


Cryo - Electron Microscopy, 2017 Chemistry Nobel Prize Winner

Presenter: Lukas Hollis


Are Chronic Pain Patients Achieving Better Pain Management With the Use of Opioids and Medical Marijuana Compared to Opioids Alone?

Presenters: Ashley Dobbs, Kamilah Johnson, Stephany Kwan, and Blake Mohamed


Instagram in the Age of Digital Marketing

Presenters: Sara Drummond, Gavin Duvall,  and Audri Bowman


Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Presenters: Keanna, Josseline Constanza, Giny, Alex, Jordan


HCG Wipes Vs. Soap and Water: Which is Better in Reducing Bloodstream Infections?

Presenters: Eliza Claire Neese, Chase Sullivan, Cinthia Zarate-Jimenez, Leslee Waynick, and Brigid Antonelli


Flu Vaccine in School-Aged Children: Is it Worth It?

Pesenters: Jessica Beardslee, Kayla Sells, James Lackey, Megan Rice, and Walter Morton

Which is Safer for Alzheimer Patients: Chemical or Physical Restraints?

Presenters: Anh Nguyen, Sydney Smith, Holly Krantz, and Hailey Boger


Postpartum Depression and Prenatal Education

Presenters: Bethany Jenkins, Danyella Apple, Rebecca Butler, Ryan Richardson, and Alexandria Swafford


CAUTI Bundles: Are they Effective?

Presenters: Meri E White, Tucker Vaught, Alexandrea Dodson, Charles Frederick, and McSteven Oallares


Lasting Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

Presenter: Arielle Berry


Gun Violence and the Southern United States

Presenter: Autumn Finley


The Evolution of Virtuality in Marketing

Presenters: Telvin Rucker and Marquesas King


Digital Marketing

Presenter: Coleton Thomas, Ian Spence, Dominic Patton, and Brandon Levier


How Virtual Reality Affects Marketing

Presenter: Marquesas King, Telvin Rucker, and Chris Swann

Minimizing Compassion Fatigue Among Oncology Nurses

Presenters: Patricia Benamon, Chasiety Turner, Denise McMurray, and John Decker


It's Time to Melaton-it Down

Presenters: Lauren Jaykus and Haven Rogers


DNA Crime Scene Analysis

Presenter: Elizabeth Henderson


Stress Management Techniques

Presenter: Julia Pardue


Is It More Effective to Receive the MMR Vaccine in the Prevention of Contracting Measles in School-Aged Children?

Presenters:  Lindsey Basham, Alexandra Collazo, Jenna White, Brooke Havelin, and Racheal Magallanez


The Charlotte’s Web of Today: the Synthesis of Glycine

Presenters: Tyler Poston and Riley Kilian


Social Media Addiction

Presenters:  Justin Flores, Edward Gordon, and Casey Gillespie


Oh Deer! Urine for Some Knowledge

Presenters: Jake Yarbro, and Jarred Derflinger


How Epibatidine is Used as a Contact Poison and in Medicine

Presenter: Kaytlin Smith


The Monster Enzyme Him: DNA Profiling

Presenter: Leah Kendallin


Opioid Abuse: Are there Differences in Treatment between Adolescents and Adults?

Presenters: Brandia Wright, Whitney Lowe, and Brittany Jones


This Little Luciferin of Mine

Presenters:  Joshua Croley and Ashttan Sims


Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?

Presenter:  Emily Lane


The Science Behind DNA Forensics

Presenter:  Amber Estes


Stress Levels Among College Students

Presenters:  Kristen Krogh


Forensic Science Usage of DNA

Presenter:  William Patterson


Online Education and Student Engagement

Presenters:  Melissa Somerville and Nicole Powell


Enzymatic Synthesis of ATP, Do You Know What I Mean?

Presenters:  Kyle Beale and Trent Payne


Switched at Birth--DNA in Forensics

Presenter:  Lacey Huffman


Bruce Beutler's Discovery of Innate Immunity

Presenters:  Louie Viciconti


Clue in Real Life

Presenter:  Keita Spaulding


DNA Analysis: Who Did It?

Presenter:  Stephanie Tackett


Telomeres: The Tell-all of Aging

Presenters:  Kayla Tomlin, Sarah Marie Tibbs, and Hannah Leonard


Sexual Orientation and Its Link to Depression

Presenter:  Daniel Moore


Polymerase Chain Reactions in Forensic Studies

Presenter:  Dustin Dise



Presenters:  Tensaye Taye and Katherine Griffith


Session I 9:10 – 10:10 a.m.

Session II 10:25am – 11:25 a.m.

Session III 11:40 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.