Academics | Cumberland University

A Day to Celebrate Academic Excellence

Sixth Annual Research Colloquium November 20, 2019


We gather as a campus community to explore opportunities to enrich our understanding of a variety of topics both research- and interest-based through student and faculty presentations as well as research from the broader community.   

We invite you to join our celebration of scholarship and efforts to publicly acknowledge the academic excellence of faculty, students and community members.

Schedule of Events

7:45am–8:00 a.m.     Dallas Floyd Memorial Gym / Opening Session

Welcome: Dr. Paul C. Stumb, President

Introductory Remarks:  Trustee Thomas Pate and Dr. Sheridan Henson 

All students and presenters should plan to attend.  

8:00–9:00 a.m. Dallas Floyd Memorial Gym / Poster Presentations

Session I: 9:10am – 10:10am

Session II:  10:25am – 11:25am

Session III: 11:40am – 12:40pm 

Lunch (on your own):  12:45pm – 2:00 pm

Classes resume at 2:00pm.

Poster Presentations 8:00–9:00 a.m.

Dallas Floyd Memorial Gym

*Please refrain from using cell phones and other electronic devices during the presentations.



Edward A. Labry School of Science, Business, and Technology



Wedding Planning: Special Events 

Ms. Anna Worley, Ms. Noemi Pena, and Ms. Madison Woodruff


Trends in Sports Marketing

Mr. Reece Gaddes, Mr. Izaak Galligan, Mr. Casey Gillespie, and Mrs. Connie Sink


Sustainability at Events

Ms. Jordan Campbell, Mr. Peyton Bell, Mr. Avery Harris, and Mr. Tony Bennett


Leadership in Wellness Programs

Mr. Luis Cardona, Ms. Loyce Chinyanga, and Ms. Desiree Senna 



Ms. Kaitlin Butler, Ms. Cassidy Cartwright, and Ms. Ebony Kimble


Social Media in Event Marketing

Ms. Elizabeth Scott, Mr. Joseph Rushin, and Mr. Kristopher Parker


Atypical Venues

Ms. Hannah Berry, Ms. Rickie Denson, Ms. Stephanie Hunn, and Mrs. Kenzie Wood


March Madness: A Marketing Success

Mr. Jared Schmidt, Mr. Christian Straub, Mr. Corey Perkins, and Ms. Victoria Laster


Nashville’s Musical Evolution

Ms. Lizbeth Ramirez, Ms. Kayla Sanders, Ms. Kalea Barnett and Mr. Johan Gopar


Drive Up, Pick up

Mr. Nicholas Presely, Ms. Kristen Coffey, Ms. Carlie Thompson, and Mr. Jonathan Floyd



Cat Nip: We're Not "Kitten" Around About This Oil

Ms. Alix Nanto and Ms. Stephanie Tackett


Determining the Synthesis of Aspirin

Ms. Madeline Herndon and Mr. Donovan Dixon


Menthol of Peppermint

Ms. Kelci Williams and Ms. Rachel Hale 


The Synthesis of Chitin in Mushrooms

Ms. Kalei Hohimer and Ms. Stefanie Navaratnam


The Chemical Properties of Vanillin and Its Taste

Ms. Samantha Yates and Ms. Allison Maynard


Synthesis of Oxycodone from the Oxidation of Codeine and Thebaine

Ms. Emily Blackwood and Ms. Jensen Taylor


Growing up With Sonic (SHH Gene)

Mr. Lukas Kase Hollis


Phylogenetically Fascinating Foxes: Understanding the Genes of Domestication

Ms. Elizabeth Henderson 


Where the CYP1A2 is My Coffee?

Ms. Samantha Dyer


Bad to the Bone: A Brief Review of the LRP5 Gene

Ms. Haven Rogers


Socrates' Poison: The Synthesis of Poison Hemlock

Ms. Lauren Henson


Can Your Genes Tell Time?

Ms. Riley Kilian 


The Effects of p53 on the Elephant Genome

Ms. Chloe Dixon and Ms. Kim Gonzalez


Aging Overload: An Examination of the LMNA Gene

Ms. Natalie Hershey


The Significance of Vitamin C: Scare of Scurvy

Ms. Andrea Woywitka 


Cleidocranial Dysplasia: A Stranger Thing 

Mr. Trent Payne


Warrior Gene: the Relation Between MAOA and Aggression

Ms. Lauren Jaykus 


Let’s Whip This Bully

Mr. Joshua Croley


Blame It On the Ethanol

Ms. Tensaye Taye


Is Color in Your Genes? A Story of TYRP 1.

Mr. Anthony Calderon and Mr. Tyler Poston


A Determination of Pollutants in the Water at Cumberland University 

Ms. Lillith Johnson 


The Hardest Substance in the Human Body 

Mr. Dominic Robles


Some Like It Hot

Ms. Adriana Sanchez-Xalate


The Secret to Different Wine Tastes

Ms. Bridget Moss


Olympic Potential? Can your Genes Endure?

Mr. Carlos Angeles-Solis

The Jeanette Cantrell Rudy School of Nursing & Health Professions


Hospice: When is it too Late?

Ms. Blake Sadler, Ms. Lauren Moody, Ms. Deja Peters, and Ms. Glenda Rodriguez


Do Transition Care Units Reduce Newborn Length of Stay?

Ms. Kristina Pugh, Ms. Amanda Vanzile, Mr. Garrett Grafton, and Ms. Spencer Rearick


Vaccines and Autism: Is There a Link?

Ms. Amanda Van Kalker, Ms. Hunter Wilson, Ms. Danielle Manning, and Ms. Thaia Tep


Does Diet Influence Male Fertility?

Ms. Katee Mullins, Ms. Stephanie Himes, Ms. Daphne Dekmar, and Ms. Nadia Cheesman


Cannabidiol Treatment in Children with Epilepsy: Medical Miracle or Healthcare Craze?

Ms. Allie Holt, Ms. Paige Derryberry, Mr. Tristan Fullum, and Ms. Crystal Vogan


Nursing (Continued)


Pressure Injuries: Does Nursing Staff Impact Outcomes?

Mr. Griffin McCollum, Ms. Caroline Cummings, Ms. Sherita Jones, and Ms.Kelsey Rumfelt


Pet Therapy: Does it Make a Difference in Pain Management in Pediatrics? 

Ms. Jessica Sanders, Ms. Hollie Kepley, Ms. Hilary Clayton, Ms. Jessica Kuende, and Ms. Denice Kirtland


Does Breastfeeding Impact the Development of Ear Infections?

Ms. Brea Craddock, Ms. Calynne Pridemore, Ms. Hannah Zachary, and Ms. Rachel Reed 


The Down and Dirty: The Early vs Delayed Neonate Bath

Ms. Coeburn Powell, Ms. Katie Corum, Ms. Magen Bush, and Ms. Brittany Winston


Treatment of Adolescent Depression: CBT vs Drugs

Ms. Shannon Cooper, Ms. Ashlyn Faircloth, Ms. Abbi Carter, and Ms. Laura Parker


Families at the Bedside During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  

Ms. Savannah Fornera, Ms. Nathalie Payne, Ms. Kathryn Sherman, and Ms. Caroline Osier


Vape Prevention in the Youth Community 

Ms. Anna Leigh Cleveland, Ms. Jessica Sebree, Ms. Devan Hayes, and Ms. Julliane Stewart


Is the Flu Vaccine Effective in the Over 65 Population?

Ms. Markondra Bates-Seay, Mr. Jason Hurley, Ms. Michaela Meadows, and Ms. Kristy Rowe


Does Continuous Glucose Monitoring Affect Hemoglobin A1C?

Mr. Jesus Nieves, Ms. Tiffany Alexander, and Ms. April Williams

School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts



No Bones About It. Hollywood Fact and Fiction

Ms. Tessa Reeder 


The Four Horsemen

Ms. Mallory Fieber 


Burr, It's Chilly Out Here 

Mr. Brandyn Stewart


Corrupt Evidence

Ms. Vanesa Segoviano


What Smells? 

Ms. Sabrina Holt


Beetle Juice 

Ms. Chloe Randle


Male or Female?

Mr. Kolbe Sanders


Unearthing Mass Graves

Ms. Kaitlin Cashion


Death When, Death Where

Ms. Caitlyn Lawrence


Forensic Anthropology in an American Tragedy

Mr. Adam McDonald 


Blowflies and their Part in Human Decomposition

Mr. Austin Curray


Timing Death

Mr. D'Angelo Steele


Old School is Still in Session

Mr. Matthew Howard


Analyzing Bones in Mass Graves 

Mr. Christian Smith



Using Art to Introduce Chemistry to Elementary School Students

Ms. Mary Brooke Haley and Ms. Destiny Johnson


Interdisciplinary Studies

The Effects of Government Assistance on Living Above the Poverty Line

Ms. Lauren Elise Pedigo


The Effects of Technology on Students in The Classroom

Ms. Christina Obasohan



Personality Types Associated With Academic Majors 

Ms. Maribel Quintero


Stress of Student Athletes

Ms. Raegan Moeller


Predictive Index and Mental Disorders

Ms. Mikayla Wickham 


How to Have a Satisfying Relationship

Ms. Hailey Basham 


Personality Traits and Creativity: Are You Primed For Creativity?

Ms. Kristinna Payne


Present Aggression in College Students Due to Past Media Violence Exposure 

Mr. Cesar Orta-Tavera


Is Social Media Causing Increased Anxiety in College Students?

Ms. Whitney Wakefield 


Violent Video Games and Affects on Children

Mr. David Emanuel


Eating Disorders Affecting Student-Athletes 

Ms. Katie Jordan 


Is Race the Issue?

Mr. Temarcus R. Bryant


Stress and the Impact on First-generation College Students

Ms. TyNekkia Donnell 


Campus Commuters vs. Residents, Who Has the Most Stress?

Ms. Shelby Lahammer 


Higher Learning

Ms. Mahkayla DuPree


Academic Success Center

ABC's of CU Succeed

Mrs. Abby H. Pitts and the QEP Committee



Session I 9:10 – 10:10 a.m.

Session II 10:25am – 11:25 a.m.

Session III 11:40 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.