Tailgating Essentials for Football Season

CU Pride flag at football game

Football season is back, and so is tailgating! Next to the game itself, tailgating is a favorite fall tradition and has become a rite of passage for many college students. Afterall, what’s better than food, football and fun with friends? 

Traditionally, tailgating takes place in the parking lot of the stadium a few hours before a game and gives students and their friends a chance to gather and enjoy food, games and school spirit. 

These are some tailgating tips guaranteed to make your pre-game celebration a fun one. 

Arrive early at Nokes-Lasater Field to get a great parking spot

It’s a good idea to arrive a couple of hours before the game is scheduled to start so your tailgating team has plenty of time to eat and hang out. 

Bring comfy things

Typically, tailgating takes place in the bed of a pickup truck or the back of an SUV, giving your group space to sit. Bringing blankets and folding chairs is a good way to create a comfortable space for a pre-game hang. Consider bringing a folding table that will give your group even more space to eat. 

Say hello to your neighbor

Tailgating is an awesome way to meet other students and bond over your sense of CU pride. Don’t be shy, say hello to your neighboring tailgater and ask them if they want to join you. 

Don’t feel like grilling? Grab some food to go!

Grilling out before a game can be fun, but sometimes it’s a lot to take on. Stop by your favorite restaurant or fast food place to grab an easy bite to bring back to the tailgating party. 

Bring games like cornhole or spikeball

What better way to prep for a sports game than by playing your own games beforehand? Games like cornhole and spikeball are popular tailgating pastimes for everyone to enjoy. 

Wear your team spirit

One of the most obvious, but fun, ways to show Phoenix pride is by wearing your favorite CU merch. You can also throw in some face paint to really stand out!

Get a photo with Phelix

As you enjoy your time with friends, keep an eye out for our mascot, Phelix, and snap a picture with him. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @cumberlandu!

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