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Alumni Spotlight: Laura Marsh

CU alumna Laura Marsh (‘04)  always knew she was destined for the stage. When choosing where to spend her college years, Marsh wanted to study theater and searched for a program that would challenge her, but one that was also close to home. “I decided to come to CU because the theater program was unmatched Read More

PA Talk: Finding Your Best Friends at CU

Finding Your Best Friends at CU By: Eryca Henry  “Cumberland University is a small school… so doesn’t that mean you’re like best friends with everyone you go to school with?” If you come to CU, you will hear this a lot. My answer is not really. I heard this question be answered once like this Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Pace Pope

There are certain people who always make you feel at home. Pace Pope is one of those people. Her shared office in Memorial Hall is constantly filled with students and visitors looking to make CU their new home. As an international admissions liaison, Mrs. Pope works to integrate the almost 100 international students into the Read More

PA Talk: The Game Day Experience from the Band in the Stands

The Game Day Experience from the Band in the Stands By: Joesph Grah Hi CU! My name’s Joseph and I’m one of the dots on the field for the halftime show, aka a Phoenix Band member. I wanted to give a rundown of it’s like to be a band member at a football game, and Read More

Student Spotlight: Lane Howell

Sometimes, life can lead you on an unexpected path to success. This is especially true for senior Lane Howell, who will graduate in the fall with a degree in Business Administration. CU wasn’t his first choice when deciding where to spend his college career. At first, he wanted to attend a large university, but quickly Read More

FAFSA Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of year again! That’s right; it’s FAFSA season. Some will dread it and some will avoid it, but as a current or soon-to-be college student, it’s one of the most important things to check off on your to-do list. The FAFSA, Federal Application for Federal Student Aid, is used to determine if Read More

PA Talk: How I Chose my Major

How I Chose my Major By: Holland Mooney Coming into college, I was unsure about what exactly I wanted to do as a profession, so as an incoming freshman my major was undeclared.  I have always had an interest in doing something in the medical field, but I kept going back and forth between wanting Read More

PA Talk: Tips for Commuters

10 Pro Tips for Commuters at Cumberland University By: Raven Smith Since starting at Cumberland University in 2017, I have always been a commuter. Now that our student body as grown exponentially, especially in the category of commuters, I have a few pro-tips to share with my fellow commuters.  First things first: BE FIRST. The Read More

PA Talk: First-Generation College Students

Advice for First-Generation Students By: Jessica Ramirez Hello people! My name is Jessica Ramirez and I am the first one in my family to go to college. It’s a pretty big accomplishment of mine, but it can be very tricky going into something that you don’t have much knowledge on.  So, here are a few Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Haley Austin

When opportunity knocks, CU alumni are holding the door wide open. Shortly after graduating with her MBA, CU alumna Haley Austin (BS, Criminal Justice) found herself in conversation with alumni board member Troy Simpson at an alumni event this past spring. Simpson serves as the Senior Director of HR Shared Services at Dollar General Corporate Read More