Getting Organized for the Semester

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Most students start the semester off with good intentions of staying organized during the semester. However, after a few weeks have passed and assignments begin piling up, those intentions get pushed to the side.

Here are things to buy that can help you stay on track for the entire semester and tactics that will make your life easier:

A Planner to track both academic and personal responsibilities.

Plan for as much as possible, including down time/ fun events/ exercise/ chores. Consistency and creating a routine is the key to staying organized and productive. 

Sleeve Protectors to keep syllabi in.

Highlighters and Pens to color coordinate your classes.

For each syllabus that you receive, take time during the first week of school to write down all of the dates from the syllabi in your planner and color-code each class.

Start each day with 3 tasks that you want to complete. As you complete a task, add another task from a larger to-do list. This way you start with bite-sized tasks that don’t seem as daunting as a long to-do list. You’ll be surprised by how quickly and more efficiently you complete your daily goals!

By following these tips, you can get a head start on organization that will set you up for success all semester long.

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