Phoenix Feature: Kaitlyn Averill

Kaitlyn Averill

Major: Music Education

Year: Junior

Hometown: Portland, TN

What attracted you to CU’s music program and what has been a favorite memory from your involvement? 

I was attracted to CU’s music program because it’s a lot smaller than other schools’ programs. At a small school, you don’t have to compete against other students for private lessons, equipment, or practice rooms. Also, you get a lot more one-on-one time with your professors. My favorite memory has to be playing Megalovania from the video game Undertale in Concert Band.

Do you have a favorite professor?

My favorite professor is Mr. Lee Austin. I love how enthusiastic he is about music and how fun and easy he makes learning. He also really cares about his students and always goes the extra mile to make the lesson interesting and understandable for everyone.

Why would you recommend someone join CU’s Music Program? 

I would recommend someone to join the CU music program because of the excellent, caring, and knowledgeable faculty and because of the small program size. As a music major at CU, you will have plenty of opportunities and resources to hone your performance skills and develop into a wonderful, well-rounded musician and teacher.

How do you spend your time at CU?

I am usually in the band room practicing music either for recitals or just for fun, but when I am not practicing, I like going for walks around campus and hanging out with friends.

What are your post-graduation plans?

After graduation, I plan to become a high school band director and teach private lessons. 

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