Phoenix Feature: Jon Carrothers

Favorite part about CU?

My favorite part was for sure the small class sizes. I transferred to CU from another university and was able to raise my GPA because of the one-on-one help I was able to receive from my professors. In every course I took, I felt like they were talking directly to me during each class of the semester.

What’s a life lesson you learned from CU?

The circumstances you’re in are what you make of them. if you’re with your friends and you make the most of it, you’re going to have the best time

What made you want to get into the education field?

I originally came to CU to study exercise science and did a practicum at the local high school, but I ended up enjoying working one on with the kids the most. It was an easy switch for me and now I’m looking forward to receiving my masters in teaching. 

What led you to your Tik Tok fame?

My students actually showed me the app for the first time and I thought it was so funny. So I started making videos of all the funny things that would happen during my class or other teachers. It became a way for us all to laugh at the things that teachers experience every day and make light of the negative situations. 

It all just kind of took off from there! I’ve had some big creators reach out to make content together and even got invited to go to the teacher ‘hype house’. I was even featured on CNN talking about being a graduate during the age of COVID-19.

What are your future career goals?

Teach for five years, then move into an administration position. I’d like to follow the track of becoming an assistant principal to a full principal and then one day become a superintendent.

Will you be a ‘Tik Tok Teacher’ forever?

I will 100% be the principal that will be making funny videos with my students. People expect to see stuff from me now and it’s really fun for me to create content, so I’ll probably never stop.

Watch one of Jon’s viral Tik Tok’s here:

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