Phoenix Feature: Caroline Osier

Senior Caroline Osier had no idea that she would end her senior year in the midst of a pandemic, let alone as one of the many on the frontlines at Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital. 

As a nursing student, Osier has continued her work at the local hospital as a screener for COVID-19. “I am currently screening all healthcare personnel that are working in the hospital and anyone else that might be allowed to come in the doors,” said Osier. 

Osier felt prepared for this abrupt change in our world, noting that CU nursing taught her that healthcare is made up of flexibility, responsibility, and taking care of others. 

“Part of it is also taking care of yourself,” included Osier. “It has been vital for me to not let fear take root during this season. I’m following what the CDC has recommended and kept up to date with the factually accurate information that has come out day by day.”

COVID-19 has infected over a million people around the world and has continued to rapidly spread throughout the U.S., making social distancing and stay-at-home practices a key element in flattening the curve.

Osier understands that it’s up to everyone to do their part to keep from spreading the novel virus.

“My favorite part about being at CU and becoming a nurse is the number of people I get to connect with each day,“ said Osier. “The more that we can keep those people at the forefront of our minds, the more we can realize how large our responsibility is to help control this virus.” 

After graduating, Osier has accepted a position as an ICU nurse in Savannah, Ga.

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