Phoenix Feature: Allie Poston

Allie Poston

Major: Humanities and Social Sciences, minoring in English, history, and criminal justice 

Hometown: Watertown, TN

How long have you been a Presidential Ambassador and what do you enjoy about it? I have been a PA for three years now and my favorite thing about my position is that it gives me the opportunity to be involved in helping new students and prospects discover what they love about CU. I love knowing that I played a small role in helping someone find their home at Cumberland for the next few years, whether that’s by giving a tour or just being a friend to someone new. 

How do you spend your time at CU? I spend the majority of my time at Cumberland in the library studying or leisurely reading. 

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at CU? My favorite memory of my time at Cumberland is getting to help students and faculty tie dye shirts on Sunday Funday during Welcome Week. 

What are your post-graduation plans? After getting my bachelor’s degree from CU, I plan to return in the spring and pursue my master’s degree in Public Service Management at CU as well. 

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