Persistence is Key: Jamie Fleming’s Journey From Cumberland University to Ghostwriting Success

Jamie Fleming

Cumberland University is a proven launching pad for thousands of people, and Jamie Fleming is no exception. After graduating in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Jamie embarked on a career as a ghostwriter, helping individuals elevate their brands and share their stories. Today, she is a writing assistant at BrightRay, a publishing company that specializes in supporting professionals from various fields. Jamie shared her journey with us, exploring how her time at Cumberland University prepared her for a successful career in writing.

Preparing for Success

Jamie attributes her early success to the opportunities provided by Cumberland University. During her time as a student, she actively engaged with various programs and organizations that honed her skills and expanded her knowledge.

“All of these experiences prepared me for the professional landscape in a real, genuine way. I learned concepts and skills that I did not realize I would need: industry software, website design, marketing tactics, technical writing skills, and the list goes on,” reflects Jamie.

Building Lasting Relationships

Jamie had high praise for her professors, remarking, “I have the English and Creative Writing departments to thank the most. Almost all of my professors presented me with an opportunity in one way or another.”

Jamie values the personal relationships she built, stating, “These are relationships I still have years after graduating and call upon when I need writing advice or, heck, even life advice.”

She vividly recalls one instance when Professor of English, Dr. Stuart Harris, pulled her aside in Memorial Hall and asked her to be a part of something that would change her college experience. “He simply asked, ‘How would you like to work in our writing center?’ Of course, I had no clue what CU’s writing center did, but I immediately agreed.”

By boldly stepping into a leadership role on campus, Jamie says she became more confident as a writer, editor, leader, and person, while making life-long friends.

Jamie says she is grateful for the many professors entrusted her with making challenging projects and work her own. “I was given permission to adopt leadership roles and spearhead projects independently. In my experience, this has been the number one differentiator between me and other professionals. You can teach hard skills all day long, but teaching confidence is a much harder undertaking.”

Saying Yes to Mentorships

Jamie’s confidence and professional preparedness is largely due to her mentor, Cumberland alum and seasoned professional freelance writer, Alice Sullivan.

While working with Alice, Jamie edited full books, created glossaries, and provided inside on projects. “My advice to any up-and-coming writers—or any person entering their career for the first time—is to find someone like Alice; there are so many people out there who would be more than eager to help you get your foot in the door.”

Thriving in the Writer’s Job Market

Although it’s a competitive market, Jamie believes there is a significant demand for writers. “The world needs writers! Everywhere I look, there is a company that needs a copywriter for its blog or an editor for its magazine.” She advises aspiring writers, “Be persistent, apply for positions you would ordinarily shy away from, and use every skill you have to your advantage.”

During her job search, Jamie leveraged every advantage she gained from Cumberland and created an online portfolio to showcase her work. “I made it easy for employers to see my work and determine if I was the right fit for their company.” She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, noting, “Finding a job in our current market is no simple feat, but if you are a writer who thinks that your craft cannot be lucrative, I would encourage you to be persistent.”

Jamie journey from Cumberland University to becoming a successful ghostwriter exemplifies the power of a comprehensive education and mentorship. Reflecting on her experiences, Jamie states, “Cumberland University provided me with opportunities I most likely would not have been able to achieve otherwise.” Her story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the importance of seizing opportunities, seeking mentorship, and building lasting relationships. With a creative approach and persistence, the world of writing holds abundant opportunities. Jamie’s words echo the sentiment that the journey from Cumberland University to writing success is paved with preparation, mentorship, and a passion for the written word.

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