PA Talk: Orientation


By: Hope Titchbourne

This was my third year of orientation and my second year helping as a President’s Ambassador. Orientation has become something that is extremely special to me. My freshman year, I hate to admit this, but I did everything I could to not engage. A part of me felt that I was just too cool to be there. *Insert Eyeroll.* However, little did I know that those two days were probably the most important days of my college career. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday, I learned and reaffirmed why I chose Cumberland to be my home for the next four years.

This year’s orientation was a year to remember. There was not a single dull session and all the faculty members were invested in making it a great two days for every new student. Students were able to engage with each other for the first time, many of which found their family for the next few years! After all sessions students were able to participate in an array of welcome week events that we hope they all enjoyed. For a small school, we really know how to make a good time out of anything. 

Many schools say they are special but quite frankly Cumberland is part of a small portion of Universities that TRULY are. I love Orientation specifically, because I get to help other Freshman get out of their shell and embrace Cumberland for what it truly is and will forever continue to be. Any day I get to brag about my University is a good day. No matter if you are a freshman, a fifth year senior or a faculty member, Cumberland will take care of you, shape you and help you become the person you want to be.


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