Making The Most Of Your Summer Internship

As the summer winds down, summer internships are wrapping up. Before your opportunity concludes, make sure to leave a lasting impression with employers. Check out these tips to make the most of your summer internship:

1. Ask questions.

While internships are professional opportunities, you’re still a student, and there is no better way to learn than out in the field. No one starts out as an expert on their first day. Use the resources available to you as an intern through your supervisors or co-workers. They hold valuable insight and often appreciate interns who are eager to grow their skill set and knowledge.

2. Be proactive.

Taking initiative is an excellent way to demonstrate your drive and passion for the internship opportunity. If you have downtime throughout the day, ask supervisors what you can help with rather than waiting for them to assign you work. They might not always have assignments for you, but you can keep busy by practicing other skills such as researching industry trends or shadowing professionals from other departments.

3. Be engaged.

Sometimes during an internship, you’ll be asked to complete tasks that are less hands-on yet still provide exceptional industry understanding. For example, if you’re sitting in on a meeting, stay engaged. Not only will you have the chance to be in the company of professionals within your field, you’ll also grasp best practices for facilitating effective communication. Stay alert and treat every task as a learning opportunity.

4. Keep track of your work.

Think back to every project you’ve worked on throughout your experience no matter how small or large the scope. As you make a list, you’ll be shocked at how many tasks you completed during your time. Documenting your intern experiences is useful when applying and interviewing for future jobs or even building a successful LinkedIn profile.

5. Always say ‘Thank You.’

End your experience on a high note and always say “thank you” for the opportunity to learn and develop professionally during your internship. Take time to write handwritten Thank You notes to anyone who made an impact on you. Express your gratitude for the internship and make sure to keep in touch with supervisors and co-workers.

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