Labry Student Spotlight – The Final Stretch

We are approaching the end of another academic year at Cumberland University, and your giving is a critical aid in helping our students in their final stretch to graduation. The whole CU campus is positively impacted by your philanthropy, but it can be just as invigorating to hear the stories of individuals who are directly impacted by your generosity.  

Savanna Stubbs, a future CU graduate in our Labry School, is a Canadian student who has excelled not only academically, but athletically as well. She has been a peer tutor, a Presidential Ambassador, an employee of the CU Pride Shop, member of the Women’s Soccer Team and a Student Alumni Ambassador during her time at Cumberland. After graduation Savanna plans to attend graduate school at Carinthina University of Applied Sciences in Austria. There she will pursue a Master’s Degree in International Business. Eventually, Savanna hopes to work in the field of international business by assisting companies in expanding their operations around the world. 

“As a Masters of Business Administration graduate from the Labry School of Science, Technology and Business at Cumberland University, I learned very quickly the importance of teamwork and perseverance” said Nancy Cottrel, a Masters of Business Administration alumna. “Through my experience in the MBA program, I not only gained knowledge that helped build my career, but was able to make lasting relationships as well. This week, you have the chance to influence a group of deserving graduates who also value education and I am honored to introduce you to one of them.”

Savanna’s future is bright, and it was Cumberland University, along with the generosity of others, that helped her build the skills to succeed in many areas. We encourage you to help other graduates like Savannah cross the finish line in the Labry School of Science, Technology, and Business at Cumberland University this week during “The Final Stretch.” Cover a student’s access fees, course fees, directed study, and/or graduation fees. All of these help support our graduates and can make a huge difference. We hope that you will join us in continuing to transform lives like Savanna’s. Click here to show your support for the Class of 2024.

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