International Education Week Phoenix Feature: Jasmine Sachdev

Jasmine Sachdev

Jasmine Sachdev is a freshman International Student from India who is currently studying Marketing at Cumberland University. 

Why did you choose to study Marketing?

I mainly chose this program because I am interested in Business. I came to CU for its golf program and I think the Marketing course in Business would really help me expand my knowledge in this aspect. In addition, the marketing strategies used in the United States are very advanced, so I am very eager to learn more with the help of this program. 

Why did you choose to study internationally?

I chose to study in the United States because it is the only country in which golf is a recognized sport. Also, the scholarship that I was awarded helped my family financially and is one of the biggest reasons I chose Cumberland University. My father wanted me to go to the United States in particular to learn more about business culture, make contacts and also find potential ways to grow in terms of my personality and gain a lot of good exposure. 

Where is your favorite study spot on campus?

The Library and the first floor in Labry. I think that these two places are very quiet where nobody can disturb you. 

Who has helped you during your college career as you were transitioning from your country to Middle Tennessee?

Firstly, the transition was not so different, apart from the food, the people, the culture and the way of living. But as a whole it’s pretty much the same, depending on how you look at it. From my perspective, finding your way, finding friends who are supportive is your choice and if you really want to take it seriously as an individual, you must work towards it. So far, everyone here has helped me do that. I cannot list one name in particular, but once I return home for my next break, I can proudly say that I was at Cumberland and there were many people who were supportive and helped me find my place. 

What do you do for fun? 

I am the kind of person who likes going out with friends, going to practice, as our assistant coach Monica Pavlov makes practice fun for us, or even going outside my dorm and talking to people. Even sitting in math class on a Monday morning, talking to the professor and asking her a million questions is fun to me. I enjoy going to the cafeteria and making so many new friends. I love finding a letter from someone back home in the mailroom or even talking to the campus security. Overall being a student athlete is a huge experience and I believe finding happiness is an individual’s choice. I can find fun anywhere on campus!

What does a college education mean to you?

A college education means everything to me, as it is the final stepping stone to finding a job that can help me get a stabilized income for the future. My mom always told me, “No matter what you do, it is your degree that you will always carry.” Life is full of unexpected times, even when you have nothing or have everything, that one sheet of paper shows your qualifications can get you everything if you work hard. No matter how hard you work as an athlete, in the end people want to see a well-rounded person, someone who is good at studying, staying fit and healthy, both mentally and physically, as well as a person who can make meaningful connections with others. The best place to learn these things and nurture these human values is college. I feel like a college education is elite and extremely important regardless of where you come from.

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