Going Beyond to Help Others

Caitlyn Griffin,  Exercise and Sport Science Major

The first thing Caitlyn Griffin noticed on her softball recruitment visit was how much Cumberland felt like her small hometown. With smaller classes, it was easier to gain a personalized education from professors and connect with teammates.

Caitlyn chose to study exercise and sport science based on her own personal experience with physical therapists who helped her get her life back to normal.

“Everybody has something that they love, and nobody wants to be in pain. So I want to help them through the healing process and back to doing what they love, pain free.”

While at Cumberland, Caitlyn held three internships with clinics like Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance (TOA). These internships, along with her personal experience, reassured her that she had chosen the right career. 

Cumberland University’s exercise and sport science program positioned Caitlyn to pursue physical therapy school in Knoxville, TN where she will go beyond her community to help others on the path to healing.  

“A Degree Beyond Yourself means putting others first and using what you know to help others get back to their daily lives. I’m using my degree to help others in a way that they can’t help themselves.”

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