Beyond the Page: Novus Literary Journal Celebrates Five Years of of Publication

At Cumberland University, students don’t just study literature — they create it. Novus, the university’s dynamic student-led literary journal, has been igniting imaginations and celebrating creativity since its inception in 2019. Under the guidance of Sandee Gertz and a dedicated team of student editors, Novus has evolved into a collection of artistic expression, amplifying voices and visions from across the country.

As Novus celebrates its fifth anniversary, it’s not just about looking back; but about soaring forward. From its humble beginnings as an exclusively online publication, Novus has developed into a literary force, shining bright in local and wider circles alike, now featuring the work of artists from an impressive 19 countries. 

But Novus is more than a journal — it’s a launchpad for student talent. Here, novice writers, editors and publishers sharpen their skills, transforming passion into practice. And for those emerging voices waiting to be heard, Novus provides a spotlight and a supportive audience.

In collaboration with local high schools, Novus recently hosted an open competition, inviting students to share their personal essays for a chance at publication.

First-place winner Lynn Marie Moody, from Wilson County High School, was elated: “I was sitting in my car and I remember thinking ‘I can’t believe I actually did this.’ I was shocked that something I had written was actually printed in a book!”

For Summer Raynes, second place winner from Mt. Juliet High School, the news was nothing short of magical: “I always enjoy writing creative pieces, and to see one that I was especially proud of get recognized was a phenomenal moment for me.”

Moody’s captivating piece, “Who Will Tend to Your Wilted Roses,” and Raynes’ poignant work, “A Letter to Eve,” are previews of the pieces  waiting to be discovered within the pages of Novus. Dive into the literary adventure at

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