Alumni Spotlight: Shelia Crockett

Shelia Crokett graduated from Cumberland in 1997 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She currently serves as CU’s Assistant Athletic Director. 

What were you involved in at CU? Women’s Basketball, Baptist Student Union, FCA, Athletic Training 

How has Cumberland impacted you?  Cumberland allowed me to learn in a small school environment.  That was best for me.  It allowed me one-on-one time with my professors to learn the material needed to be successful in my field of study, Athletic Training.

What did you learn at CU that still impacts you today?  Hard work pays off, servant leadership, working on a team.

Did you receive any scholarships while you were a student and if so, how did that financial assistance help you? I received a basketball scholarship, and athletic training scholarship, and my church (The Glade Church) gave me a scholarship.  It all contributed to not having a large financial burden after college.  

Are there any professors or classmates who impacted your journey? There are too many to name, but all are important pieces to my success in athletics.  Mitch Walters, Steve Corey, Cary Hale, Ryan Tao, Dr. Morgan, all of my teammates on the Women’s Basketball Team, Katie Wolcott Markell, Libby Brown O’Guin, Jennifer Rippetoe Lawrence, Andrea Butler Mills, Dana Leath Willis, etc.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were a student? Study even harder, be involved with campus life, enjoy every minute with your friends.  It all passes way too quickly.

CU is a wonderful place to grow and learn. I had the opportunity to make lifelong friends and get an education in a major I was passionate about, Athletic Training.  After graduating from CU, I moved to Bristol, TN,  where I was the Head Athletic Trainer, Senior Woman Administrator, and Assistant Athletic Director for the past 17 years.  Upon my return to Cumberland this past June, coming full circle, I was hired as the Assistant Athletic Director, taking Mitch Walters place upon his retirement.

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