Alumni Spotlight: Darian Brown

Darian Brown (’07) always knew that he wanted to be a teacher. He came from a home with a guidance counselor for a father and a fourth-grade teacher for a mother; education was in his roots.

He followed his dreams and became a teacher. Ten years later, he felt the push to further his career.

“I decided to look into going back to school and getting my administration license,” said Brown. “I felt this was a way to reach more students and try to make a difference in their lives.  So many students have such a tough life growing up, and I hoped as a leader I could show them the importance of education and what it could do for them and their situation.”  

Brown enrolled at CU as part of the first cohort of the Master’s of Education in Instructional Leadership program. The program allows students to become leaders who create change, foster healthy relationships, and show others the way to success.  Throughout the program, students learn to improve teaching resources and student achievement through transformational school leadership.

At the time, the new program was one of a kind and introduced a new way of learning for Cumberland students: an online format.

“When we started the program, online classes and collaborating with others in an online chatroom was a new thing. Nobody really knew how it worked or how it would look,” said Brown. “It was eye-opening and a great precursor of how things would look all these years later.”

Brown served as assistant principal at Watertown High School for three years before being promoted to principal last year.

“Getting my administration license through CU was a great honor and privilege,” said Brown. “There were eight of us that went through the program together and seeing us all learn and grow throughout the program was a neat experience; one that brought good friendship between the eight of us. I will always be grateful to CU for having the forethought to start the program.”  


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