6 Things to Know About CU Career Services

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Finding a great internship or looking for a post-grad job doesn’t have to be difficult. Cumberland University Career Services is committed to helping all students succeed on a professional level.

In preparation for the 2023 Nashville Area Career Fair on April 4, two Career Readiness Workshops will be held on March 15 and 16 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Labry Hall, room 122. These workshops aren’t the only ways that Career Services can help you get organized in your job and internship search. Here are 6 reasons you should visit Career Services: 

1. You can get help drafting or reviewing your resume and cover letter

What should you include on a cover letter and how should you format your resume? Drafting a resume or cover letter can be intimidating but Career Services offers opportunities for you to have your resume and cover letter reviewed. Career Services can also provide you with tips from employers of various professional fields, industries, and backgrounds. During the two Career Readiness Workshops on March 15 and 16, you can bring a copy of your resume and cover letter for professional review and critique, as well as receive assistance developing first drafts of your resume and cover letters.

2. Mock interviews are available

Whether you’ve been through one interview or 100 interviews, they can be nerve-wracking. Career Services wants you to feel comfortable and prepared when meeting with employers. Schedule a time to practice your interview skills or develop your elevator pitches with Career Services and you will see your job-search confidence skyrocket!

3. Get advice on career paths

Unsure of which career field you want to go into? That’s okay! Career Services utilizes the Focus 2 Career Assessment, which is an online database that considers your interests and provides you information on potential career fields that may suit you. You can also schedule a meeting with Dixie Rury to discuss potential career routes as well.

4. Alumni can use CU Career Services, too

Once a Phoenix, always a Phoenix. At CU, we want to see you succeed during every stage of your life. This is why alumni are still eligible to use Career Services tools such as the Focus 2 Career Assessment and Hire CU. If you are an alum and need some guidance in your job search, you can always reach out to Career Services for help.

5. Register an internship for class credit

Did you know that you can receive class credit for participating in your internship? This is a great way to manage your time during a busy semester if you are participating in an internship and a full course load. Check your catalog requirements to see if you need an internship for your program of study.

6. Start your job search

Searching for a place to find job postings and listings? Cumberland students and alumni have access to Hire CU, an online job/career and internship database.

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