5 Things Students Should Do During Their Last Semester

Between working on upper-level coursework and preparing for your next steps, the final semester of college can go by fast! Don’t forget to enjoy all of the great things about being on campus. Here are five things you should do in your last semester:

1. Visit your favorite places on and off campus.

You’ve made a lot of meaningful memories on and around campus. Take some time out of your schedule this semester to revisit those places and enjoy them. After graduation, you might not be able to visit them as often as you’d like. Make the most of these experiences while still on campus!

2. Start networking and applying for jobs.

It’s time to start thinking about your exciting next steps. Whether that’s looking for a job in which you can start your career or planning to attend graduate school, make plans to prepare yourself. Visiting CU Career Services will ensure your resume looks sharp and ready to send to employers!

3. Say “thank you.”

There are a lot of people who’ve helped you get ready for the incredible accomplishment of receiving your degree. Reach out to the family, friends and mentors who’ve supported you along the way!

4. Spend time with your friends.

You’ve made many lifelong friendships at Cumberland. Spend quality time with these individuals during your last semester. You’ll look back and appreciate all of the happy memories you’ve made with the friends that became family in college.

5. Soak it up.

Take pictures. Live in the moment. Enjoy each day on campus. And remember: Once a Phoenix, always a Phoenix.

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