10 Benefits to Living On Campus

  1. No fussing with parking: We’ve all heard about the struggle of finding a parking space on campus – by living on campus your morning routine is simple; wake up, get ready and walk to class. 
  2. Eat on campus: By living on campus you can save time and money with an all inclusive meal plan with your residence life costs. You can dine in or carry out all your meals from the Dining Hall or Bistro, making it a convenient and affordable option.
  3. In the middle of it all: As a campus resident, it’s easy to connect with your friends and participate in student life activities, making the most of your college experience.
  4. Access to athletic facilities: CU has over 20 athletic teams who rise and compete for conference and national championships. In the game or in the stands, as an on-campus resident you become part of the action. 
  5. It’s all included: All of our residential options include furniture, cable, WiFi, utilities and a campus meal plan, so there’s no extra bills to worry about.
  6. You’ll make an impact: As a resident student, you’ll be able to impact campus as a leader and help shape the CU experience for future generations of students.
  7. Convenient access: By living on campus you’ll have easy access to all the academic support services available to you, including tutoring, mentoring, academic assistance, computer labs and the library.
  8. Make lifelong friends: Living on campus provides a place where CU memories begin and where the relationships developed form friendships that last a lifetime.
  9. Save money: On average students that choose to live on campus save $1,950 per semester compared to students living off-campus 
  10. Make good grades: According to a recent survey conducted by the University of Northern Iowa, students who live on campus achieved higher grades than those living off campus; this was true not only for their freshman year but also for the other college years. Students living on campus were nearly twice as likely to make the Dean’s List.
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