Cumberland University

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the tuition rate?

The tuition rates are based on specific programs and the number of credit hours per semester. Refer to the tuition and fees link.


Will tuition be the same next year?

At this time, the rates are set through the Summer 2017 semester.



What is the Access Fee?

A fee charged each semester to undergraduate on ground students. This fee covers parking on campus, computer access, printing on campus, activity fee (including the Jimmy Floyd Center), the yearbook, admission to campus events, and some lab fees.


Will my scholarship cover the access fee?

The access fee is considered a cash fee, therefore institutional aid and outside scholarships are not allowed to be used as payment.  An outside scholarship may cover the access fee only if the scholarship provider submits to the Financial Services office a written statement that stipulates the scholarship’s usage.  Refer to the Financial Services office for additional information.



Is the international student fee charged each semester?

Yes. It is a required fee that covers the additional administrative cost for international students – on ground undergraduate and graduate.



Will I receive a bill for my tuition?

Billing statements are mailed before the Fall and Spring semester start along with information on becoming Official.

Billing statements are also mailed during the Summer as students enroll in their classes.

You may also review your schedule online via your CAMS account.


My billing statement has pending items listed.  What does that mean?

Pending items simply have not yet been received and/or posted. Pending loan transactions means the loan funds have not arrived from the lender.


My billing statement has an Overall Total amount in parenthesis. What does this mean?

Amounts in parenthesis are credits. If any financial aid is pending, the credit is considered a pending credit.



What does being OFFICIAL mean?

Being Official means that a student’s schedule has been confirmed, any outstanding balances have been paid, and that the student has the intent to attend that semester. Each student must become Official each semester – it is not automatic. Before the schedule is made Official, the student should verify the following:  their billing address is correct; the number of credit hours on the semester’s schedule is correct; the classes selected are correct; the tuition and other related class charges are correct; and housing  or meal plan charges are correct.  Also all Financial Aid (including loans) have to be confirmed and documented on the student’s billing statement. If any balance due remains, the balance must be paid no later than the semester deadline or paid via a monthly payment plan (that is set up no later than the semester deadline). After payment is made or a payment plan is set up, the Business Office staff will make the schedule Official.  


When do I have to become OFFICIAL?

Each Fall and Spring semester a deadline is published for students to become Official. See the “Dates to Remember” link for the deadline. If a student does not become Official by that date, they will be charged the $150.00 late fee. 



What methods are available for me to make my tuition payments?

Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Checks drawn on US banks

Money Orders in US dollars

Cash in US dollars

Electronic Payments through ePortal


Will Cumberland University accept checks from other countries?

No.  All payments must be made in US funds.


Can I make my payments online?

Yes, via the student’s CAMS ePortal account. Online payments may be made with either credit cards or a US checking account.



What is the payment plan?

A monthly payment set up online to automatically deduct funds from a checking account, savings account, credit card, or debit card.  The plan may be set up prior to the semester beginning; however the payments must be completed by the end of each semester. The payments are drafted on either the 5th or 20th of each month. There is an enrollment fee for each plan:  $35.00 for each semester or $50.00 when the fall and spring semester’s fees are combined into one plan.


Can I set up the payment plan from my home or work computer?

Yes. Follow the prompts on the FACTS Payment Plan website.


What charges can be covered in the payment plan?

Tuition, access fee, room and board, meal plans, lab fees, graduation fees. You cannot include textbooks, housing security deposits, application fees, or the freshman fee.


What is the “Student ID as assigned by Cumberland University”? 

This is the first data item on the payment plan application.  This number is located in the top right corner of your Statement and Schedule. It begins with an A and is 10 digits long. If you cannot determine your Student ID number, enter your last name.


I set up the payment plan for the incorrect amount – what happens now?

When a payment plan is submitted, the Business Office automatically receives an email confirmation from Nelnet/FACTS.  If the payment plan amount is incorrect, the student and / or responsible party will be contacted and the Business Office staff will either increase or decrease the payments accordingly.


I set up a payment plan and then obtained additional Financial Aid – what do I do?

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Business Office of any change in aid. When the Business Office is notified, the remaining monthly payments will be changed accordingly.


If my payment plan was set up on my debit card (or credit card), can I change it to another card?

Yes, but only if the new card belongs to the Responsible Party. Contact the Business Office with the new information.


If my payment plan was set up on my debit card (or credit card), can I change it to ACH – my checking account?

No. To change from a credit or debit card to ACH, a new agreement would need to be set up. Each time a new agreement is set up for any reason, another enrollment fee is charged.


I am the student and set up the payment plan with myself as the Responsible Party.  Can the Responsible Party be changed to my parent(s) or someone else?

No. To change the Responsible Party, a new agreement would need to be set up. Each time a new agreement is set up for any reason, another enrollment fee is charged.


I set up a payment plan just for the Fall semester.  Will it automatically renew for the Spring semester?

No. A new payment plan will have to be set up for the Spring semester. There will be another enrollment fee charged for the new payment plan.


VA STUDENTS (Veterans)

Who do I contact about my Veterans’ benefits which pay my tuition and fees?

Janette Beasley - 615-547-1237 -



Do I have to pay my graduation fee even if I do not or cannot participate in the ceremony?




When will my refund check arrive?

Not all students receive a ‘refund’ check. Students that have applied for student loans in excess of their semester’s cost will have the excess loan funds refunded to them upon receipt of the loan funds from the lender. The loan funds must be received by the Financial Services office before the Business Office can prepare a refund.  Loan funds typically begin to arrive approximately 3-4 weeks after the semester begins.  Students must attend their classes and have their attendance reported before their loan funds will arrive.


How will I know when my refund check is available?

You may review your Accounting Ledger via your CAMS record. When refund checks are available, they are listed on the student’s Accounting Ledger.


Can my parent or someone else pick up my refund check for me?

Yes, but only if the student provides a written authorization to release the check to a 3rd party.  The student may personally bring a written authorization to the Business Office, or send an email from their Cumberland email address authorizing the Business Office to release the check to a 3rd party.  The 3rd party must bring a photo ID when picking up the check.



What is an Electronic refund? 

Instead of obtaining a paper check, Cumberland University can deposit your refund directly into your bank account. The student must enroll online via their CAMS ePortal account.


I tried to enroll in electronic refunds, and the system is ‘stopping’ me with a message, “not authorized’ - why?

Students that have recently enrolled in classes may not yet be in the Electronic refund administrative system. Contact the Business Office and your record will be updated within 24 hours.


Do I have to enroll each semester in electronic refunds?

No, once enrolled, you remain enrolled.  If you need to make any change to the bank record on file, it is the student’s responsibility to access their CAMS ePortal account and make any necessary changes.  For example, you may have opened a new checking account and need to update the information.



Why is there a HOLD on my account?

HOLDS are placed by various departments for various reasons.  Contact the specific department regarding the hold(s).


What is the PENDING amount available for textbooks on my statement?

This is an amount in the form of an electronic credit that can be used at checkout either online or in person using the student ID number (no paper form needed) to purchase books and related materials in the Cumberland University Bookstore.  The amount of the credit is the greater of $1000 book allowance or the excess amount on the student’s statement after all costs.  The credit appears on the student’s statement as Pending only to show the amount that may be used during the checkout process at the bookstore. The Pending amount does not affect refunds.  Only actual amounts spent for books are charged to the student account.  Pending amounts are removed before refunds are issued.



How does the Business Office know how much I spent using the Book Voucher?

The Bookstore sends a copy of the sales receipt to the Business Office; the Business Office staff then posts the amount to the student’s statement.


Can my scholarship(s) be used for books in the bookstore?

Only if the scholarship provider stipulates it can be used for books and if you have excess funds after the scholarship is applied to tuition and fees. For example, if the scholarship stipulates it is to be used for tuition, fees, and books, but it does not cover the entire cost of tuition and fees, then there would not be excess to use for books.



Who can respond to questions about parking tickets?

Joe Gray – (615) 547-1255 –


Where do I pay parking tickets?

The Business Office, Memorial Hall room 109; or online via your ePortal account.



I have used my 500 page allocation and still need to print. What do I do?

If a student uses their 500 page allocation and needs to print additional pages, contact the Business Office to pre-pay for the additional pages. The cost is 5 cents per page.  The unused portion of pages does not ‘roll-over’ to the next semester. After the student pays for the additional pages, the Business Office staff will notify the IT department to increase the student’s printing allocation accordingly.



Do I have to pay my housing security deposit every semester?

No.  The $200.00 housing security deposit remains on deposit as long as the student resides on campus.


When will my security deposit be refunded to me?

When the student indicates to the Residence Life Director that they are not returning to the dorm, the room will be inspected and the refund will be processed approximately 2 weeks after the student moves out of the dorm.



When will I receive a 1098T form for my tax return?

1098T forms are prepared in January for the previous calendar tax year. 1098T forms may be available online. They are also mailed to the student at the student’s last known billing address. It is the student’s responsibility to update their address with the University.


Why didn’t I receive a 1098T form?

Cumberland University prepares 1098T forms only if the tuition and allowed expenses in the calendar year are greater than the total amount of scholarships and grants received in the calendar year (not academic year). The cost of room and board is not included of the allowed expense.


If my 1098T was lost in the mail, can I request a copy from the Business Office?  

Contact Janette Beasley at (615) 547-1237 or to request a copy of your 1098T.