Cumberland University

CU Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP)

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Definition of AMP: to excite, energize; also to heighten, intensify.

AMP, Cumberland University's alumni mentoring program, provides an opportunity for freshman students and recent graduates to engage in a mentor-mentee partnership. The mission of AMP is to foster a culture of mentoring at Cumberland that:

  • Connects freshman students with young alumni mentors encouraging productive conversations around academic, professional, and life goals.
  • Empowers young alumni mentors to engage freshman students in critical thinking that is reflective and strategic.
  • Assists freshman students in navigating the day-to-day of college life.
  • Offers opportunities for recent graduates to build mentoring skills.

At Cumberland, we define mentoring as: 

A learning partnership where a more experienced mentor draws upon his or her knowledge, skill set, and perspective to provide guidance and feedback while facilitating the personal growth and development of a less experienced mentee. A mentee takes an active role and responsibility for his or her own learning and development and a mentor facilitates that growth by asking thought-provoking questions that help a student to reflect on his or her experiences.  The intended outcome is that a student gains greater assistance with making strategic and informed decisions regarding his or her academic and professional life.

AMP Coordinators:

(For Alumni Mentors) (For Student Mentees)  
Jonathon L. Hawkins Stephanie Walker  
Office of Advancement Dean of Students  
(615) 547-1239 (615) 547-1387