Wilson County Community Takes Care of International Students

In a heartwarming demonstration of unity and generosity, the Wilson County community came together to ensure that international students at Cumberland University experienced the warmth and love of Thanksgiving, even if they couldn’t be with their families. With students from 49 different countries calling CU home during the school year, extended breaks can be a challenging time for those unable to travel back to their home countries due to distance or financial constraints.

Service and generosity are at the heart of the phoenix, and Cumberland University’s Faculty and Staff, notably the Enrollment Services team, played a crucial role in facilitating these efforts. They worked tirelessly alongside the CU Alumni Association, CU Parent Association, and various Trustees, including the Moscardelli Family, Mark and Jessica Fain, Joe and Kathy Adams, Berea Church of Christ, 109 Church of Christ, Immanuel Baptist Church, and St. Frances Cabrini/Knights of Columbus, to ensure that students received meals, coats, and other supplies for the week-long break.

“This incredible display of support truly embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving,” remarked Dr. Paul Stumb, President of Cumberland University. “We are immensely grateful to the Wilson County community, including faculty, staff, and dedicated individuals, for their unwavering generosity and compassion towards our international students. Their kindness has made a lasting impact on the lives of these young individuals.”

Such a display of unity and support serves as a testament to the enduring philanthropy and kind-heartedness of the Wilson County community. Far from being a one-off demonstration of generosity, this event exemplifies the ongoing commitment of the community to support its international students. 

This overflow of goodwill will be evident once again in December as the community gathers to extend care and assistance to these students, displaying the tireless compassion from the heart of Wilson County. If you are interested in helping CU this December break, please contact CU’s Office of Advancement, advancement@cumberland.edu.

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