Record enrollment at CU


Cumberland University officials released record-breaking enrollment numbers today for the fall 2016 semester. The student body is now 1,963 strong, making a robust start to CU’s 175th academic year.

The dramatic increase in enrollment is attributed to CU’s concentrated efforts in attracting Tennessee Promise students, community college transfer students, dual enrollment students, expanding sport offerings, as well as a partnership with Equal Chance for Education. Cumberland is one of a few private universities in the state participating in Tennessee Promise, and the only one which offers an associate degree tuition-free. In its second year of participation, Cumberland University is number two in the state for retention of Tennessee Promise students.

Cumberland’s total enrollment number is 27% percent higher than the fall 2015 semester, and is comprised of 1,542 full-time students, 421 part-time. The residence halls are nearly at capacity with 505 students living on campus.

“This is historical growth for Cumberland University, not only in the number of students, but we’ve also hired 13 new full-time faculty members. We are committed to improving infrastructure and the quality of our infrastructure,” said Dr. Paul Stumb, president of the university.

Beyond enrollment growth, retaining students is key to the health of the university.

“We have worked tirelessly on enrollment, and now we have an opportunity to shine with student retention. By engaging them on multiple levels; providing a high quality, personalized experience; and maintaining our family atmosphere with a focus on character, we have the foundation that will carry Cumberland University into the next 175 years,” said Stumb.

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