Exercise and Sport Science

The Cumberland University Exercise and Sport Science program provides students with evidence-based knowledge, theory, skills, abilities, and personal attributes essential to obtain successful careers in the various fields within exercise and sport science or for the pursuit of post-graduate education.

Experiential Learning

The Human Performance Lab (HPL) features a state of the art Cosmed Metabolic System for determination of VO2 Max and various other metabolic parameters; a Monarch PEAK Bike specifically designed for the Wingate Power Test; and a Dartfish Video Analysis system for the study of biomechanics and human movement.

The lab also has various capabilities for determining anaerobic power, flexibility, strength indices, body composition, and blood lactate analysis. Clinical capabilities of the HPL include muscle electromyography, 12 Lead ECG with Woodway treadmill, skin temperature, Polar telemetry heart rate monitoring, and digital dynamometry.

Student-Held Internships

  • TOA Physical Therapy and Sports Performance
  • Star Physical Therapy
  • Hurricane Junior Golf
  • Vanderbilt Wilson Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Vanderbilt Athletics
  • University of Notre Dame Athletics

Student Favorite Courses


Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology

In this course you will study the structure and functions of the human body. Each system will be covered as an individual topic and how it relates to the other systems. Topics in this course include tissues, skin, the skeletal system, muscles, and the nervous system.

Physiology of Exercise

Physiology of Exercise

In this course you will study the physiological changes in the human body brought about by exercise. Primary emphasis is on the cardiopulmonary, neuromuscular, and various energy systems (including exercise biochemistry).

Science Lab



Study topics include measurement, matter, energy, atomic theory, ionic and covalent compounds, mole-gram conversions, chemical reactions and equations, states of matter, solutions and their properties, acids, bases, pH, organic compounds, and biological applications.

Career Paths

  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Preventative Healthcare
  • Pre-Professional Programs such as Physical Therapy or Physician Assistant

What Our Graduates Say

“The exercise and sport science program integrates three practicums within their program so it gives you a lot of experience to go out into the world and find what you really love to do. I was able to do three internships during my three years at Cumberland which further confirmed why I wanted to be a physical therapist.” 

-Caitlyn Griffin, Class of 2021

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