Master of Public Service Management


The Master of Public Service Management (MSP) degree is offered as a part of Cumberland University’s institutional outreach to provide opportunities for advanced study in fields appropriate to the needs of the community. The program seeks to provide individuals who have attained the baccalaureate degree, in any field, with an opportunity to acquire advanced expertise while continuing to work full-time during the period of enrollment. The program of study was instituted in 1996 with the first graduates receiving the Master of Public Service Management degree at the May, 1998, graduation. Enrollment in the M.S.P. degree program is limited. Students who enter the two-year program will attend classes for 5 consecutive semesters, usually sequenced fall-spring-summer-fall-spring. Primarily, students are admitted for the incoming class during the fall semester, but other admitted students may become part of the program on a space available basis in other terms.

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