Health Care Administration

As a leader with a servant’s heart for Health Care Administration, you can be an instrument of change in the management and delivery of health services. 

At a Glance

As a healthcare manager, you will work with business leaders and healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs dedicated to saving lives and improving health on a local, national and global scale. In this program, you will learn business skills for the healthcare industry that will prepare you for an entry-level management position or acceptance into a graduate studies program. The Health Care Administration program at Cumberland University is characterized by experiential hands-on training through two healthcare administration internships, opportunities to connect with industry leaders, and professors who have extensive experience in healthcare leadership and management. Students in this program find fulfillment in serving others and learn how to improve the lives of patients with strategic business skills applicable to a rapidly evolving business sector. 


Why Choose CU?

  • Small class sizes

    The average class size of 10 students offers flexibility and interpersonal relationship building with professors.

  • Access to mentors

    Healthcare business leaders who serve as internship preceptors and guest lecturers offer career advice and mentoring to help students make early career choices and forge their career path. 

  • The Healthcare Capital of the U.S.

    Nashville and its surrounding areas are home to a thick cluster of innovative health care businesses that collectively touch more health care consumers than any other business cluster in America.  Cumberland University is situated within the Nashville health care cluster and has many opportunities to learn from this vibrant business community. 

  • ACHE Higher Education Network
    The American College of Healthcare Executives is the preeminent professional leadership organization for healthcare business leaders. CU’s participation in the ACHE Higher Education Network provides students with early access to seminars, mentors, professional networking, and volunteer opportunities to develop and showcase their abilities and potential.

Growing Career Opportunities

Cumberland’s close proximity to Nashville provides unparalleled career opportunities in healthcare management. According to the Nashville Healthcare Council, healthcare employment growth in and around Nashville has outpaced both Tennessee and U.S. health care employment growth since 2004. The city is headquarters to 18 publicly traded healthcare corporations providing almost 500,000 jobs and more than $95 billion in global revenue. Nationally, health care spending accounted for over 18% of the gross domestic product in 2021 and is projected to increase to nearly 20% by 2028. By 2029, 1 in every 9 new jobs nationally is projected to be in healthcare. 


Student Favorite Courses

Healthcare Leadership & Management

Healthcare Leadership & Management

This course provides students with an overview of concepts and issues related to health care leadership. Students will explore the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in a diverse health care environment. 

Health Information Systems

Health Information Systems

A study of health information systems supporting the management and operation of healthcare organizations, including the clinical and administrative applications.


Communication & Professionalism in Healthcare

Communication & Professionalism in Healthcare

Students will develop technical and persuasive writing skills required to prepare documents such as letters, memos, emails, reports, proposals, and resumes. 


Career Opportunities

  • Long-term care facility manager-in-training
  • IT services manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Pharmaceutical, medical device, or equipment sales
  • Regulatory, compliance or policy analyst

Internship Opportunities

  • Charis Health Center
  • Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing
  • Nashville Oncology Associates
  • Nashville Academy of Medicine/Nashville Medical Foundation
  • Sumner Regional Medical Center
  • Tennessee Oncology
  • Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance
  • TriStar Summit Medical Center
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital

What Our Graduates Say

“Healthcare isn’t just about nurses and doctors; it’s much bigger than that. Every industry needs leaders, managers, directors and executives that make important decisions. Throughout my time in the program, I completed two internships with a total of 300 hours, which helped me decide what career I wanted to pursue. I learned a lot about billing and coding, but also how to work with information systems at both organizations.” 

-Nancy Mendoza Murillo, 2023 Recipient of Most Performance and Excellence in Health Care Administration Award

Sarah Davis
Nancy Mendoza Murillo

“A Healthcare Administration degree allows you to help people that does not involve direct bedside care. The program, run by Dr. Christi Griffin, allowed me to have all the resources I needed to not only be able to thrive in a workplace environment, but also gave me the basic fundamentals to be able to understand the work I would be doing and applying for post graduation. The courses in the HCA program taught me about insurance/billing, medicare/medicaid, and basic laws regarding healthcare. These were all things I implemented on a daily basis in my career and allowed me to already have a good understanding to be able to excel in my job. Cumberland University is constantly growing and evolving to be able to offer the best education possible.”

Sarah Davis, Recipient of the Most Outstanding Performance and Excellence in Health Care Administration Award,  Credentialing Coordinator at Sweet Dreams Anesthesia

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