The mission of the Mathematics program is to provide each student a solid foundation in several core branches of mathematics (calculus, analysis, and algebra) and to prepare students to apply quantitative and abstract reasoning skills in advanced degree programs and/or careers requiring expertise in mathematics. Students majoring in Mathematics must take MATH 121 to satisfy the General Education Core (GEC) requirement in mathematics. Students whose mathematical background is insufficient for MATH 121 may take MATH 111 and MATH 119 as general electives. However, these courses cannot be used as part of the major. Students majoring in mathematics are encouraged to choose general elective courses so that a minor in a related field is completed. Students interested in mathematics teacher licensure must complete this program of study and the Secondary Education dual major. Candidates should work with an advisor in mathematics and an advisor from the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts early and often to ensure enrollment in the required courses. Classroom Management (ED 432) and Applied Methods and Concepts (ED 433) must be taken the semester prior to student teaching.

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