PA Talk: Homecoming


By: Christian Jordan

Homecoming is here at Cumberland University! Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events of the school year for good reason; it welcomes back all our alumni, involves the local Lebanon community, and gives CU students and faculty and staff a whole week to show their school spirit! I know that the alumni really enjoy this week because they get to see how the culture and atmosphere at CU has changed since they graduated. 

Besides the football game, my favorite event for homecoming is the Fall Fest. The Fall Fest is a fun and unique event that gives students and faculty an opportunity to give back to the community of Lebanon. The Fall Fest is set up by all of the different student organizations on campus with food and games ready for all the kids who come to campus to enjoy. It’s fun to see all the kids dressed in their costumes going table to table to get candy like trick-or-treaters as an early Halloween kick-off. 

There are many events that are happening in the fall season at CU, but none are as big as Homecoming. Homecoming this year will be one for the ages. 

Check out the schedule below for all of the Homecoming events happening this week at CU!


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