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Instructor of Chemistry
(615) 547-1276
Memorial Hall, Room 309A
The Labry School of Science, Technology, and Business
B.A., University of Mississippi
M.A., University of Mississippi

Vichuda Hunter is the instructor of Chemistry.  She received her Bachelor of Art degree in chemistry from the University of Mississippi, her Master of Art in Curriculum and Development from University of Mississippi. She is currently working on her Ph. D. in Mathematics and Science Education (MSE) with a concentration in Chemical Education.

While working on her Master degree, she taught Chemistry and Physical Science at Northwest Mississippi Community College and continue teaching there after she received her Master Degree.  During that time, she spent two summers teaching Chemistry for the Higher Opportunity Program at Columbia Engineering – Columbia University in New York.

Ms. Hunter began teaching at Cumberland University in the Fall of 2017 as an adjunct faculty member in Biochemistry and became a full-time faculty in the Fall of 2018. She is interested in the teaching and learning in the analytical chemistry, instrumentation analysis, and chemistry laboratory. She spent 13 years in the analytical laboratory working in various capacities: as a quality control chemist, analytical chemist, senior chemist, organic laboratory supervisor, and the laboratory manager. She worked with the routine analysis using EPA and Underground Storage Tank Program protocol as well as non-routine analysis, special projects, research projects and setting up new testing methods. She routinely trained chemists and technicians on instrumentation and analytical technique. With her background and with her passion on teaching and learning in the laboratory, she is pursuing her doctoral degree in the MSE program at Middle Tennessee State University. Her research on teaching and learning in Chemistry laboratory has been recently published in one of the Royal Society of Chemistry’ s Journals.