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Enterprise Support Administrator
(615) 453-6339
Labry Hall, Room 006
Office of Campus/Food/Housing/Security, Office of Information Technology
A+ Certified Hardware Technician

Scott Clancy is the Desktop Imaging Manager for Cumberland University. His hometown is Worcester Massachusetts.

His field of study is Electronics General-Computer Hardware and Imaging. Also Hardware Component repair, soldering, workarounds. He specializes in encrypted secure messaging systems and networks.

Scott acquired his credentials through   A+ C.O.M.T.I.A Computer certification group.

Dell Computer Servicing and warranty communication.

Mr. Clancy is outgoing, he has foresight with pessimism cautious for unintentional consequences. His objective is always honesty.

Scott is a free thinker out of the box. He is also musically inclined.

One is his many accomplishments include being Re certified by Dell several times in the past.

He has saved allot of equipment from the junk pile, using a soldering iron and a nickels worth of solder.

Outside of work he is in to computer secured networks, Radio Controlled Airplanes and helicopters, Paranormal, Music, and gourmet home cooking.

He attended Worcester Boys Trade School, in Worcester Massachusetts.