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Adjunct Instructor of Public Service Management
Adjunct Faculty
The Millard and JJ Oakley School of Humanities, Education and the Arts
B.A., Vanderbilt University
M.S., Cumberland University
Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Dr. Robert C. Cox is full-time employee of the Department of Finance and Administration for the State of Tennessee where he is a leader in analysis and process improvement with foster care and related fields.

He is proud to serve in the Master of Public Service Managment Program offered through Cumberland University, where his teaching is centered on human relations, statistics, and research design. The research focus of Dr. Cox is transformative learning, which considers the conditions when a learner may experience a shift in worldview that is both more positive and discerning.

Robert holds a B.A. degree from Vanderbilt University, an M.S. degree from Cumberland University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Tennesse, Knoxville. He is a regular reviewer for the Journal of Transformative Education.

In 2022, Dr. Cox made the keynote address at the Transformative Learning Forum in San Paulo, Brazil, and he has had research articles published in 2022 in both the New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education Journal and in the Journal of Transformative Education.

He and his wife reside in Sumner County where he enjoys being active in his church and reading and collecting encyclopedia sets.