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Instructor of Mathematics
(615) 453-6308
Memorial Hall, Room 310C
The Labry School of Science, Technology, and Business
B.S., State University of New York, Fredonia
M.S., Middle Tennessee State University
Milton Sager earned a Bachelor of Science from SUNY Fredonia College (2010) with a major in mathematics. He earned a Master of Arts from MTSU (2013) in applied mathematics. His thesis was the research and development of a Switched Reluctance In-Wheel Hub Motor which was the first interdepartmental thesis between the Math and Engineering departments at MTSU. The concept was to put an electric motor inside the rear wheel of a motorcycle eliminating the gasoline engine. He began teaching at Cumberland University in August 2015. Prior to this he had taught at MTSU, NSCC, and Belmont University.  Other than teaching math, his hobbies include backpacking, collecting vintage Star Wars memorabilia, and woodworking. He has consulted several small businesses such as B&B Metal Works, Paul’s Rocket Stoves, and a few cottage backpacking gear start ups on the math and engineering aspects of some of their projects. He runs a men's small group through his Church. He and his wife have two children and live in Murfreesboro.