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Assistant Professor of History, and Editor, The Papers of Martin Van Buren
Vise University Library, Presidential Papers of Martin Van Buren
Presidential Papers, Martin Van Buren
The Millard and JJ Oakley School of Humanities, Education and the Arts
B.A., Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis
M.A., Indiana State University
Ph.D., University of Calgary (Canada)

Andrew Wiley started his work at Cumberland University in January 2018 when the Papers of Martin Van Buren employed him as the new associate editor. His research interests are Civil War Era politics (particularly conservatism), military history, Cold War History, and the history of Baseball. In addition to his editorial work, Dr. Wiley teaches introductory level courses on United States History, occasionally teaches upper-level history courses, and has served as a guest editor for the Tennessee Historical Quarterly

Prior to his work at Cumberland University, Dr. Wiley worked as an editorial assistant for the Frederick Douglass Papers in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Civil War History, an academic journal published by Kent State University Press. Dr. Wiley has presented his research at several nationally recognized academic conferences. He is presently revising his manuscript, White Man’s Liberalism, American Conservatism: Race, Economics, and the Origins of Movement Conservatism in Nineteenth-Century Indiana, and is working with a university press on future publication.

When not on campus you can find Andrew Wiley playing one of six instruments, at a baseball game, or touring the numerous historical sites in Tennessee and other surrounding states.