Cumberland University to Host Over 1,000 High School Seniors For Wilson County College Fair

Wilson County College Fair

Cumberland University is excited to continue the tradition of hosting the annual Wilson County College Fair in partnership with the Tennessee Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions (TACRAO). On Friday, Sept. 23, a combined 1,000 students from Wilson County public high schools will be shuttled to 1 Cumberland Square for the chance to learn more about the 181 year old institution as well as approximately 44 visiting colleges. The annual college fair is set to take place in the Dallas Floyd Phoenix Arena starting at 8:30 a.m.

“This year, more than any other, we can’t wait for students to join us and see the physical changes that have occurred over the summer on campus. The completion of the Memorial Hall renovations are truly going to be a welcome like no other,” said Vice President of Enrollment Services Reggie Blair. “Not only will prospective students get a small glimpse of our continued growth, but they will be able to engage with our Enrollment Specialists as they begin their college search process. Being able to connect with the students in our own backyard is a priority of the university and this college fair is one of our first chances to do just that each year,” added Blair. 

With the support of “College for TN”, the state has designated September as College Application and Exploration month with a simple goal to increase awareness and excitement around the college search process at all grade levels. Cumberland’s annual college fair concludes what is typically known as “College Application Week”, Sept. 19-23, where high schools have provided an extra emphasis on higher education opportunities by hosting admissions representatives in their schools to work through the application and general questions high school students may have. 

Lebanon High School counselor Tatum Tyler coordinated their College Application Week which featured Cumberland prior to the upcoming college fair. “The college search and application process isn’t something students tackle alone,” said Tyler. “We are fortunate to have institutions like Cumberland so close to home and eager to engage with our local students. The Wilson County college fair at Cumberland is really an event that jump starts the college conversation for our students and their families. We are excited to show them their educational options including an affordable private university that offers TN Promises like Cumberland that is right in their backyard.”

Cumberland’s Office of Admissions has officially kicked off their fall recruitment season and is offering a fee waiver for applications through Oct. 1, 2022 for those who apply with the waiver code CUAPPLY. The Admissions travel calendar and a chance to sign up for a personalized campus tour can be found online at

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