Cumberland University Remains Above State Average in State Educator Preparation Report Card

Cumberland University announced today that its Education Preparation Program ranked above the state average in the annual state Board of Education Educator Preparation Report Card.

The report card on the effectiveness of teacher training programs contains four domains, candidate profile, employment, satisfaction and provider impact. Each domain looks at specific metrics including percentage of endorsements in each cohort, rate of employment in Tennessee public schools, retention rates, classroom observation scores, student growth scores and overall effectiveness scores.

Cumberland’s program finished in performance category three, the second-highest in the state, with 75.3 percent of total points. This score is down just 0.1% from 2017.

Cumberland ranked 100% in the employment category, improving 11.3% from 2017. The first-year employment rate for Cumberland students is better than most other Education Preparation Programs in the state. In addition, 100% of CU graduates that were hired in the first year are rehired and stay for a second year. Cumberland graduates also stay on through year three – more than graduates from most other programs.

Dean of the Cumberland School of the Humanities, Education and the Arts, Eric Cummings, is pleased with the overall results.

“We’re above average in ten out of the thirteen metrics and four points shy of reaching the level four rating,” Cummings said. “Our strong scores are largely due to our strong partnerships with both Lebanon Special School District and Wilson County Schools, our excellent practitioner-focused faculty, and our dedicated students who work hard to prepare themselves for their future careers as teachers.”

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