Cumberland University Professor to Present Internationally on Transformative Learning

Dr. Robert Cox

Cumberland University Master in Public Service Management (MSP) graduate and adjunct professor Dr. Robert Cox will give the keynote address at Mackenzie Presbyterian University’s Transformative Learning Forum in Sao Paulo, Brazil on July 29. Dr. Cox will present a keynote address titled “Assessing Transformative Learning— Perspectives, Questions, and New Directions” that will examine the kind of learning students engage with, the content they learn and how their perspective and understanding transforms. 

Dr. Cox serves on the faculty at Cumberland University teaching Human Development, Statistics and Research Design at the graduate level. Dr. Cox earned his doctorate in 2017 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville developing an exploratory instrument to assess transformative learning. The instrument has been further validated through a range of replication and supplemental field studies throughout the world. Dr. Cox also serves in state government to improve child welfare information systems. 

“By engaging in experiential learning, you come to understand things differently and your views on the world change. It’s not necessarily about what you learn, but how your perspective and understanding of yourself shifts,” said Dr. Cox, “I see Cumberland’s symbol of the phoenix as an act of transformation through an educational experience.” 

Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and MSP Program Director Dr. C. William McKee shared his pride for Dr. Cox’s achievements. 

“This is a wonderful professional and personal accomplishment for Dr. Cox, and a major recognition for Cumberland. He is an accomplished scholar and we are proud to have him in our university’s community.” 

Mackenzie Presbyterian University has held four previous training sessions known as the Transformative Learning Forum that assess and measure how the educational experience for adult learners and traditional students can be elevated. 

“There’s so much to be proud of at Cumberland, and I’m happy to be a small part in that,” said Dr. Cox. “As a university, we are doing very important things and I’m happy to be doing this through Cumberland.” 

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