Cumberland Corner Land Purchase


Cumberland University President Paul C. Stumb and the board of trust announced today that the university has officially closed on the land purchase for the proposed Cumberland Corner project.

The university purchased 3.5 acres of land on South Greenwood Avenue, between Leeville Pike and Martin Avenue, that had previously contained nine separate homesites. The land will underlie approximately seventy residential housing units for the continuously increasing student body at Cumberland.

Dr. Stumb is grateful to all of the supporters of the university, especially those whose donations made this phase of the project possible.

“Signing the papers to finalize the purchase of this land was a small step for me as the President of Cumberland, but a large leap for the university,” Stumb said. “Being able to grow our campus and provide our students with new residential housing will open countless opportunities for our future. With record enrollment last year, Cumberland is bursting at the seams and having a place like Cumberland Corner will help ensure that our campus has the facilities it needs to support continued growth.”

The project will not only help the university to accommodate its growing student body, but it will also help to revitalize a previously neglected area of Lebanon.

In a report from the Middle Tennessee State University’s Business and Economic Research Center, that focused on the economic impact Cumberland has on Wilson County, the study determined that local business, personal income and employment are greatly impacted by university-related spending. The report concluded that Cumberland “has been a crucial factor in the competitive and transformative development of both the city of Lebanon and Wilson County.”

“Everything that Cumberland University does impacts both Wilson County and the city of Lebanon,” said Stumb. “The Cumberland Corner project is one example of the positive strides the university is taking to better our community and we are dedicated to continuing these efforts.”

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