Cumberland Community Marches for Racial Justice

Over one hundred Cumberland University students, faculty and staff joined in on a student-led march for justice on Thurs., Sept. 24. The Anti-Racial Movement (ARM) march was organized by student athletes Jimmy Turner, Brandon Taylor and Tamim Aldarawcheh.

The goal of the Anti-Racial Movement is to include everyone in the fight to eradicate racism in all aspects of life and reach a common goal of peace. The march started at Nokes-Lasater Field, home of the Cumberland football program, and ended at the main Cumberland campus. 

Cumberland student and football player Brandon Taylor co-organized the event. 

“ARM is about including everybody, it was put in place so that we can all be included in eradicating racism in all aspects of life,” said Taylor. “We all must come together for one cause – peace, and we must keep pushing to become the family that Cumberland presents to us everytime we step foot on campus.” 

President Paul Stumb and Athletic Director and Vice President for Enrollment Services Ron Pavan joined students in the march against racial injustice. 

“One of Cumberland’s core values is to respect and care for others,” said University President Dr. Paul Stumb. “With the events occurring across the nation, I want all of our students, faculty and staff of color to know that Cumberland stands with them in the fight against injustice. We strive to build a nurturing, inclusive community where all people feel safe, supported, welcomed and celebrated.” 

The Cumberland Athletic Department supports student-athletes in their fight against racial injustice. 

“Cumberland Athletics stands in solidarity with people across the nation to say enough is enough,” said Athletic Director and Vice President for Enrollment Services. “This is about unity, not division and I’m proud of our student-athletes for stepping up and striving to make a difference in our community. They are our future leaders and I support them and this movement.” 

Photo Attributes: Annie Cater ’20

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