Cumberland Announces Another Year of Record Enrollment Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Cumberland University announced today its largest enrollment in the school’s 179-year history, with 2,704 students this fall, an increase of 6% from fall 2019. 

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cumberland continues to attract capable students and surpass previous enrollment numbers. This year’s total enrollment represents a 74% increase in total enrollment since 2015.

As many experts predicted nationwide declines in college enrollment, Cumberland attributes agility in the planning process, small class sizes and a reputation for a personalized student experience to its success in this area.

“Our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to reach this impressive milestone for Cumberland,” said University President Dr. Paul Stumb. “This has been a challenging year for us and for many of our peer institutions in regards to enrollment and I am thankful that Cumberland has found a way to overcome many of these challenges and is able to provide our students the college experience they expect and deserve.” 

Cumberland’s Campus Reopening Planning (CROP) Team has met consistently throughout the spring and summer to plan for ways to safely reopen campus this fall. The CROP Team attributes quick decision making, flexibility of faculty, staff and students and the small size of campus to the success of the reopening and the surge in enrollment. 

Students returned to campus for classes beginning August 17 and are continuing a hybrid learning schedule throughout the fall semester. 

“Being a small, private university is an advantage when it comes to dealing with the ever-changing environment of a pandemic,” said Executive Director of Enrollment Services Dr. Eddie Lovin. “Because of our size, we have the ability to be more flexible and make quick changes, which is more difficult for larger universities. I’m thankful for the work that the leadership team has done in prioritizing the student experience, both new and returning, and think the constant communication with our students and parents during this time has been crucial in our enrollment growth.” 

A breakdown of the 2020 enrollment of 2,704 includes 1,947 undergraduate and 307 graduate students. Students at Cumberland represent 70 Tennessee counties, 34 states and 42 countries. 

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