CU welcomes Aquinas College students


With the news of Aquinas College in Nashville closing down most of its degree programs, Cumberland University is welcoming Aquinas students by making special provisions for an easy transfer.

All Aquinas students will be eligible for a $6,000 transfer award. Students with majors other than nursing also could be eligible for the Aquinas College Educational Advancement Award (ACEAA) which ranges from $6,000 to $13,000 if they have sixty or more credit hours and a minimum 2.0 grade point average. Students who have less than sixty (60) credit hours can submit their final high school transcript and highest composite ACT scores to be considered for financial aid awards typically reserved for incoming freshmen. This includes but is not limited to CU’s Trustee and Presidential Awards.

The two schools’ tuition is already very similar. CU’s full-time (12-18 hours) tuition rate is $10,080 per semester and Aquinas’ rate is $11,250. The application fee will be waived for Aquinas students.

Further, CU’s registrar’s office has matched every Aquinas course with those that Cumberland offers for a seamless transfer of credits.

There are many similarities between Aquinas College and Cumberland University. They are both small liberal arts schools with a long history, as Cumberland was founded in 1842 and Aquinas has the 157-year heritage of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, who founded and operate Aquinas College. Both have a focus on serving others locally and internationally and a personalized education for their students.

“We welcome Aquinas students with open arms. The administration of Aquinas has been in touch with us and invited our admissions and financial aid staff to visit their campus next week. I hope we see many Aquinas students make the transition to Cumberland. We have much to offer them and we’re ready for them,” said Paul Stumb, president of Cumberland University.

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