Critically Acclaimed Poet and Author to Visit Cumberland

Anders Carlson-Wee featured during Cumberland’s Poet in Residence series

Cumberland University will host critically acclaimed W.W. Norton Author, Educator, and Poet, Anders Carlson-Wee during its Poet in Residence series on Oct. 18 and 19 for an immersive engagement with the student body and local community. 

The Poet in Residence series launched in 2017 with the help of Cumberland’s Creative and Professional Writing program and is made possible by the university’s Bell Grant and Novus Literary Arts Journal. 

Previously, Carlson-Wee has donated a number of his out of print poems to Cumberland’s online journal associated with Novus and his second full collection will soon be released by W.W. Norton. This year’s series solidifies Carlson-Wee’s unique commitment to Cumberland students with the addition of one-on-one workshopping with upper-level Creative and Professional Writing majors. 

“This is an unprecedented experience for our students that provides limitless value,” said Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, Sandee Gertz. Gertz joined the Cumberland Family in the Fall of 2016 is an award-winning poet and has been publishing essays, articles, poems and creative work for over twenty years. “I am thrilled that we can support our students and community by providing opportunities for them to broaden their horizons. It doesn’t matter what your level of writing is- the chance to work and learn exclusively from a professional like Anders Carlson-Wee is truly remarkable.” 

In addition to the upcoming series’ poetry reading in Baird Chapel on Oct. 18 at 3:30 p.m. and interactive session in Labry Hall on Oct. 19 at 3:30 p.m., the Creative and Professional Writing program is hosting a Creative Writing Contest open to any high school student. Entries must be submitted by midnight on Nov. 1 to and can include poetry, short stories, and memoir narratives. 

“We are eager to encourage our high school students and inspiring writers to pursue their passions,” said Gertz. “Thanks to our Poet in Residence series and opportunities like our High School Creative Writing Contest we are able to really engage with our local community- in fact, we have 16 Wilson Central students joining us for our workshop on campus and many submitting entries for the contest in hopes of winning prize money and seeing their works published in our Novus Literary Journal.” 

To learn more about the Creative Writing contest details and requirements email

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