Charles and Elaine Bell CU faculty awards


Nine CU faculty members were recently awarded a Charles and Elaine Bell Grant for faculty development and student engagement.

“There were many submissions reflecting the many and varied interests of the faculty. A scoring process was developed in which each proposal was separately evaluated by five individuals based on its perceived impact on students, faculty development, and institutional reputation,” said C. William McKee, vice president, academic affairs and professor, education and public service management.

The combined scores of the evaluators determined which proposals were funded. More than $9,600 was awarded. The winning submissions:

  • Beth Chatham, assistant professor, nursing, received $860 for “Measuring Outcomes in a Transcultural Nursing and Global Health Course.”
  • Max Melnikov, associate professor, economics and finance, received $1,000 for “Implementation of the Green’s Function Method for Black-Scholes Equation to Problems in Financial Engineering.”
  • Kimberly Atwood, instructor, biology, received $454 for “Learning From and With Educators From Across the Nation: Actively Participating in a National Conference.”
  • Jenny Mason, assistant professor and program director, psychology, received $1,000 for “Student Presentation(s) at Southeastern Psychological Association Conference.” CU students will be attending the conference.
  • Joshua Hayden, assistant professor, leadership studies and executive director, general education received $1,000 for “Transforming Leadership Development in Haiti: Changing Lives and Challenging Communities.”
  • Brian Kilian, professor, music, received $1,000 for “International Saito Conducting Workshop.”
  • Michael Rex, professor, literature received $1,000 for “Digging Descartes: Philosophical Influences on Eurasian 18th Century Literature.” CU students will be attending the conference.
  • Mark Cheathem, professor, history, received $1,000 for “Association for Documentary Editing (ADE) Conference Presentation on Van Buren Papers” as well as $860 for “The Papers of Martin Van Buren Project Launch.”
  • Laurie Dishman, associate professor and program director, mathematics, received $1,000 for “Mathematical Association of America-Southeastern Section Regional Conference.”
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