Alumni Spotlight: AC Agee

For Cumberland University alum AC Agee, no two days at work are alike. As Assistant District Attorney in the 20th Judicial District of Tennessee, Agee works in Division 5 of Davidson County’s criminal court.

A typical work day for Agee may include getting to court early in the morning and prosecuting cases until mid-afternoon. When she’s finished, she heads to her Nashville office where she works on new cases, connects with witnesses, reviews evidence and more. At the end of the day, what she loves the most about her job is being able to help others.

“I love being an advocate,” Agee said. “I love that what I get to do every day is help people. I get to make it easier for someone’s interests to be heard, met and taken care of. I have a lot of passion for what I’m doing and I have a lot of passion for helping people.”

Agee is also in charge of prosecuting all arsons that take place in Davidson county, something that is both challenging and intriguing.

“That job in particular is very cool because fire science is so hard to understand and is difficult to explain to a jury,” Agee said. “So my focus is figuring out better ways to prosecute those crimes.”

Agee graduated from Cumberland in 2013 with degrees in English and Criminal Justice. In addition to her studies at CU, Agee held multiple leadership titles such as Student Body and SGA President, captain of the golf team, RHA board member, President of the Criminal Justice Society and participating in a two university theater productions.

“I was constantly going and doing while at Cumberland. That taught me how to manage my time but also push me to work extremely hard for things I care about – obviously, a trait that still serves me well today,” Agee said. “The environment of Cumberland helped me to become comfortable with myself. While the school is small, it is in no way judgmental. Everywhere I turned at Cumberland, I found another amazing human that helped me to become a little more me.”

Agee attended Belmont Law School, where she competed in mock trial and trial advocacy competitions. During this time, Agee said she decided to go into criminal law after considering multiple career avenues in law school.

“You don’t have to know exactly what to do or where you’re going, you should really just do what you care about, what makes you happy and what makes you passionate,” Agee said. “So far in my life, I just keep landing somewhere that makes me happy whenever I do that.”

Outside of the courtroom, Agee resides in Nashville with her fiancé Kierstin Jodway – who is also a lawyer – and their 8-year-old daughter Arabella.

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