5 Tips For Finals Week

There are many exciting events happening at the end of the school year. Between applying for internships, preparing summer plans and finishing up school assignments, studying for finals can seem like an impossible task. Here are five tips to ensure a successful finals week:

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

Late night cram sessions will not help you retain the most information. Instead, try going to bed and waking up early. You’ll feel much more well-rested and clear-minded when you get in some last-minute studying or start your exams after a full night’s rest.

2. Find a Comfortable Place To Study

You’ll be more enticed to start studying and able to study longer when you’re comfy! The LCC, Labry Atrium or the quad are all great places to study on campus. Your dorm or the library are ideal if you need to study alone or in a quiet environment.

3. Attend Review Sessions

You can get your final questions answered during review sessions and also hear questions from other students that you haven’t considered. Review sessions facilitated by professors are also helpful in identifying specific content or exam formatting.

4. Set Mini Goals

You might have a full finals schedule this semester. No worries! Instead of looking at the big picture, break studying tasks down into smaller, more manageable goals. Make a schedule for yourself to study for at least an hour each day and allocate study time for specific exams or projects.

5. Take Breaks

Don’t wear yourself out! Set time aside during finals week to decompress and reset by doing something that you enjoy. This will help you feel less stressed as you prepare for exams.

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