My Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 27th was handed to me by your son at sun-set on last evening. My letter to you of the 1st will inform you of what has been done. If I have committed an error, I can only say it was unintentional. It pains me to think that you may suppose that I have acted unkindly towards yourself or your friends. I am surrounded now every moment, and have scarcely time to write this note. I must therefore postpone for a few days, that full explanation, of facts and circumstances here, which have induced the course I have taken: only assuring you now that no influences, of which I have had any knowledge, which were of an unfriendly character towards yourself or Gov. Wright, have had anything to do in controlling my course. The changes of position of the members of the Cabinet seemed to be imperative, upon me. I will write again as soon as I have leisure.

In Great haste

Your friend

James K Polk

Going up Salt River